Size 26 mum who shed 15st after she was cheated on admits she still feels fat

A SIZE 26 mum who lost 15 stone after her partner cheated on her admits she still feels fat.

Kristina Blood, 39, from Oadby, Leicester, battled weight woes throughout her teens and says she never felt full.

The health care assistant told Fabulous Digital: “I had good intentions when I dished up lunch or dinner and made myself a normal-sized portion, but it would never be enough.

“I’d end up visiting the fridge and cupboard multiple times to scoff chocolate and crisps until I finally felt satisfied.”

Kristina and her partner Paul* loved fast food dinners. She said: “Whereas Paul could eat what he liked and not gain a pound, our love for takeaways and fast food caused my weight to increase at a rapid rate.

“Soon I was 26st 7lbs and wore a size 26. I got sweaty and tired just from walking and was so big that my weight caused me to stop breathing at night.

“I had the sleep disorder sleep apnea and had to wear an oxygen mask in bed, to try and prevent my throat closing.”

Kristina said wearing a machine to help her sleep was “uncomfortable and humiliating”.

She added: “I kept it a secret from everyone except Paul and would often sit up in bed crying, upset that I’d got myself into such a state.”

I got sweaty and tired just from walking and was so big that my weight caused me to stop breathing at night

One night, she became suspicious that Paul was cheating on her. She crept to his side of the bed and silently picked up his phone.

She said: “I locked myself in the bathroom and searched through it until I found what I’d been looking for. Dirty messages from another woman.”

Kristina stormed into the bedroom to confront him but he just got up, dressed and left without saying a word.

She said: “I slumped to the floor sobbing. His betrayal had broken me. I felt worthless, fat and uglier than ever.

“In that moment, I realised I needed to change. My size had been making me feel miserable for years. It had mapped out my life and I was desperate to be happy again. I had to lose weight and get healthy.”

I felt worthless, fat and uglier than ever

Kristina visited her GP and asked for a gastric bypass. She said: “I was put on the waiting list and in that time, I tried to eat better and cut down my portion sizes. It wasn’t easy but in three years I lost two stone.”

After the op, she noticed a difference straight away. She added: “After two weeks of being on a liquid diet, I had some yoghurt but could only manage a teaspoon before I felt full.

How to lose weight in just 12 steps, according to the NHS

1. Don't skip breakfast

2. Eat regular meals

3. Eat loads of fruit and veg

4. Move more

5. Drink more water

6. Eat more carbs

7. Read food labels

8. Use a smaller plate

9. Don't ban foods

10. Don't stockpile junk

11. Reduce your boozing

12. Plan your meals

“Every week I stepped on the scales and watched the numbers fall. Within six months I’d lost eight stone and I replaced all my tent-like t-shirts and massive leggings with new, slim-fitting tops and skirts.”

In time, Kristina met a new man and fell pregnant. She said: “It was such a relief but as my bump got bigger, so did the rest of me.

“Being pregnant seemed to stretch my stomach and I was able to eat more. By the end of the nine months I had gained four stone and felt enormous.”

Kristina gave birth to a girl, Evie. She loved being a mum but things weren’t working out with her relationship and they split.

She said: “Evie kept me distracted and together with the gastric bypass and heartbreak I felt, I quickly lost my baby weight – plus a whole lot more.

“But there was a problem. I was left with a large apron of skin hanging where my stomach was.

“Every morning when I got dressed I stuffed it into my knickers. I hated the sight of it and wished it would just disappear. My confidence was at an all-time low.”

A colleague recommended a clinic in Poland where she could have tummy tuck. They agreed to do it for free in exchange for her appearing in a video blog.

For me, eating is an addiction. If you want to stop smoking or drinking, it’s your choice

She said: “The surgery went smoothly and when I looked in the mirror for the first time, I couldn’t stop grinning. Even with a bandage across my stomach it was a massive improvement.”

Kristina was now a svelte size 10 and would wear slinky dresses, skinny jeans, leather leggings and hot pants.

She said: “Now I’m 11 stone and I couldn’t have got the body I have without the bypass, but it’s not a cure. I still have to watch what I eat.

“For me, eating is an addiction. If you want to stop smoking or drinking, it’s your choice. But you have to eat to survive, so every time I put food in my mouth I have to fight a mental battle.

“After losing 15 and a half stone, I am less than half the size I was, yet I still feel fat. To everyone else I might be a slim size 10 but in my head I’ll always be obese.

“Despite my worries, I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. It’s a shame it took my partner being unfaithful for me to make a change, but I want everyone to know that I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

*Paul’s name has been changed.

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