Stylist shares the ageing accessory many wear with everything

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Anti-ageing doesn’t have to mean a diet, lifestyle or skincare overhaul. It may be as simple as delving into your closet. Personal stylist and Image Coach Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to about the items women should absolutely get rid of to shave years off their age.

Answering the question, ‘Does style have an age limit?’, Melissa answered: “Absolutely not – it’s possible to look fabulous at any age.

“However, I’m not going to say it gets easier as you get older and there are certainly a few things that might need to be reconsidered.”

Melissa explained that despite the best of intentions, there are some fashion disasters that will “guarantee a trip to frump land”.

‘Frumpy’ is defined as dowdy and old-fashioned – which is the opposite of what you want if you’re hoping to look younger.

Melissa’s first no-go when it comes to dressing was to avoid one key accessory that we tend to wear with “absolutely everything”.

This is the long strap shoulder bag in a dark colour, described by the expert as “frumptastic!”.

A short strap bag may instead make for a more youthful look.

Alternatively, playing with pops of vibrant colour as opposed to more dreary tones may inject some life into your everyday look.

Melissa’s next tip for looking younger was to avoid “baggy and shapeless clothes”.

“Even if you’re unhappy with your size, don’t wear baggy clothes because they will make you look shapeless and bigger,” she explained.

Cinching in a looser top with a statement belt could be a good way to shave a few years off.

The expert also suggested that there is one colour that is prematurely ageing women everywhere – black.

If it’s not your colour, avoid wearing head-to-toe black at all costs, according to Melissa.

She explained: “If black is not in your palette, it will pull the light away from your face.

According to Melissa, looking young starts even before the wardrobe – at the underwear drawer.

She told readers to steer clear of “exhausted underwear” that no longer serves its purpose.

She said: “Underwear has a job to do and if it no longer supports you it needs replacing.

“Every woman looks so much better when her bust is in the right place and lumps and bumps are smoothed out.

“A supportive bra, a body stocking or shape wear can all help.” Shape wear creates a smooth silhouette and flatters the figure.

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