There’s an easy way to make sure you always get the right ring size in Pandora & it’s only 30p

IF you fancy treating yourself to a gorgeous new ring, or if you want to give your man a little nudge like this woman, there's an easy way to make sure you always get the right size.

TikTok user @mellbelleex joked that her man now has no excuse for not knowing her ring finger size, after she picked up this cheap 30p buy.

The ring sizer from Pandora is designed to place on your finger to measure it's exact size – making shopping for the right ring easy peasy.

The small rubber band is just 30p from the jewellery chain – and people can't believe they hadn't discovered it sooner.

Mel shows off her new buy in a clip on TikTok as she gushes about the "cute packaging."

The ring sizer appears to come with instructions too, which will help you get the right measurements – and help you work out what ring letter the number equates to.

For example, if you get a measurement of 50 once you put the band on your finger, the correct ring size for you would be a J-K, according to Pandora's guide.

Naturally, jewellery fans were pretty excited about the new discovery and many vowed to pick one up.

Some even said you can bag them for FREE if you head in store, so you might not have to pay for it at all.

"You get them for free in store," one revealed.

"Literally just bought itttt," another user wrote.

Other woman admitted they always forget their ring size so it would be a handy reminder.

One said: "I should get this. I always end up with them being too big."

The poster said that postage was free when she made the order, but some argued you could still be stung with a shipping fee depending on where you live.

The ring sizer doesn't just work for Pandora rings either, as some said it's helped them buy the correct ring size from other jewellery stores.

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