Troubled couples encouraged to ‘swap partners’ on The Super Switch and even have sex in a bid to fix their relationships

A NEW reality show is launching where couples will switch partners to see if they can revive their struggling relationships.

Six dysfunctional couples will try and shake things up on The Super Switch, which is airing on Australia’s Channel Seven.

The show’s resident psychologist, Jacqui Manning, has revealed that affairs will be actively encouraged as part of the programme.

She told on Friday: “I guess [cheating] is always a risk, isn't it? But if someone was to go down that path, I think that danger would've always been there.

“I think many of the couples discussed their feelings about it and what their boundaries were… what is cheating to any one person.”

The relationship guru said that all the couples have different ideas about what cheating actually means.

While many would consider kissing to be an act of infidelity, others draw the line at flirty texts.

She continued: “Everyone has got their own deal breakers in a relationship and I think if your partner was going to challenge those, they would do that inside or outside the experiment.”

The trailer for the new show hints that there will be a shocking cheating scandal among one of the six couples.

And viewers can also expect breakdowns and fallouts as well.

Some have compared the show to Married At First Sight and the Seven Year Switch, Jacqui stresses that The Super Switch is unique.

On Channel Seven, the programme has been dubbed “Australia's most controversial experiment.”

The Super Switch premieres at 7.30pm on Tuesday, June 11 on Channel Seven

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