Vicky Pattison confesses being arrested at family home over nightclub assault 'was one of the lowest moments of her life'

VICKY Pattison has opened up the night she was arrested in her family home for the first time since she was charged with assault in 2014.

Appearing on Fabulous magazine's new podcast Things I Told My Daughter, the former Geordie Shore star told host Lisa Snowdon that the incident in a Newcastle nightclub was "one of the lowest moments of my life".

Vicky, 31, had been filming an episode of Geordie Shore in the VIP area of Florita's bar when she hit two women with her stilettos after ice was thrown over her and the cast.

Discussing the night with her mother Caroll Pattinson, Vicky said: "I was so drunk and so unhappy, I didn't even recognise the magnitude of what I'd done."

Shortly after the incident, Vicky – then aged 26 – asked MTV if she could go home early to her parent's house.

She recalled: "I said, 'I'm going home, I want to be on the sofa and be with my Mam.'

"MTV said 'that's fine'. I don't think they understood the severity of what had happened."

However, the enormity of her actions quickly began to dawn on Vicky when she arrived back at the family home.

She added: "Mum and Dad were lying in bed and I was like… I've really f**ked it. I've really done something stupid. I went downstairs to watch some telly and it completely snowballed from there."

Vicky's mum Caroll described the police turning up on her doorstep as "the most horrendous thing" she's even experienced.

She said: "They were heavy handed, very very heavy handed. ‘Where’s this? Where’s her room. Where’s this? We need to find her shoes. You’re hiding them from us.’

"All of these police were running all over the house. They searched the whole house. I’ve never had the police in my house before and I was in shock."

Caroll claims the police even looked in her washing machine as part of their extensive house search.

She added: "They were talking to her horrible, they were talking to us horrible. It was absolutely hideous. I’ve got so much respect for the police and I think they do a hell of a job, but I was in shock."

However, the reality of the situation really hit home for Caroll when she saw her daughter being led away in handcuffs.

The mum recalled: "They put her in handcuffs and took her away. I just broke down. I was on the floor crying.

"It was the most horrendous thing I’ve ever had to watch and go through. It was hideous, my bairn being taken away by the police like that. I just felt useless as a mam. You want to protect your own.”

Before the nightclub incident in July 2013, Vicky had been filming season six of Geordie Shore in Australia which left her feeling "down, demoralised and sensitive."

After the incident in the nightclub, Vicky says she "was a shadow of her former self" and took time off the show.

The star claims MTV told her to "take your time… we'll just replace you."

In February 2014, Vicky was spared jail for the assaults but was ordered by a judge to pay £1,350 prosecution costs and £4,750 to her two victims.

Just a few months later, Vicky quit the show which made her a star before going on to be crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Vicky said she was "happier than ever" after the win and said her mum "made no secret of the fact she hated Geordie Shore".

Discussing her daughter's rollercoaster television career on the debut Fabulous podcast, Caroll said: "I was always proud of her.

"There were a couple of things that I wouldn't have done but I've always supported her, even when she was in Geordie Shore. There were times when people stopped speaking to me.

"Friends, and people who I’d thought would be really supportive. No, they would avoid me or not talk to me because my daughter was in Geordie Shore."

What's more, Caroll claims even members of Vicky's family "would avoid talking about her" because of her television work.

She added: "It was amazing how many people came out of the woodwork when you did win I'm a Celebrity. I was like… really?”

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