'World's most identical twins' Anna and Lucy DeCinque reveal they got so drunk they 'nearly died' of alcohol poisoning

THE “world’s most identical twins” Anna and Lucy DeCinque have revealed that they almost died after alcohol poisoning.

The sisters, who live in Perth with their joint boyfriend, shared their story on their YouTube channel while celebrating reaching 100,000 subscribers.

The twins, who were joined by their mother Gina, asked their followers to send in questions and one asked if they had any drunk stories.

Responding Lucy said: “We went to this Christmas event. It was a 40 degree day here in Perth, we hadn’t eaten, didn’t drink, we were very dehydrated.”

Anna added: “We drunk too much wine actually and we passed out. We were in separate ambulances, it was a very scary night.”

Lucy argued that the event had been “blown out of proportion” as they just wanted to go home to sleep it off.

However, it seems that the situation could have been far worse.

Lucy continued: “We’re sharing this story with you guys to be careful out there, if it is a hot day stay hydrated and eat a decent meal.

“Our last drink for us was red wine, that was it, our last drink for us, goodbye, killed us, that was it, blacked out, and we both ended up in hospital that night.

“Even mum said, we’re lucky we’re alive.”

The twins agreed that they don’t remember from 9pm that night until the next morning.

Anna added: “I think it was called alcohol poisoning in the end. I vomited non-stop, I didn’t feel very good the next day.

“That whole week, very lethargic, very very tired, slowly got back to exercise.”

“So that wasn’t a fun night, we basically ruined it for ourselves.”

The sisters, who share a bed with their man Ben, 39, recently revealed that they are "addicted to exercise" and workout six times a day.

The sisters also claimed that they only eat "once a day" even though they "know it's bad."

Since becoming local celebrities in their hometown of Perth, Western Australia, four years ago after being interviewed on local TV about their intertwined lives, the pair are now a global phenomenon.

Not only do they dress in matching outfits, they’ve also had the same surgery to achieve their look, eat exactly the same number of calories as each other every day and exercise for the same length of time.

On top of that, they go to the toilet at the same time, share a partner and refuse to be more than a few feet from one another.

In other news, we told you how they both had the same cosmetic surgery, share a job and refuse to be separated – even for ONE HOUR.

And the girls also revealed they have visible scars on their matching DD boob jobs… so they’re going to spend £23k going even BIGGER.

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