You've been using your hairbrush all wrong – and it could be the reason you're getting split ends | The Sun

NO matter how healthy you think your hair is, it's probably not as luscious as you think if you're making these three common mistakes.

Taylor Rose, a trichologist from the US, revealed why the mistakes are bad news for your locks.

According to the pro, a lot of people have no idea they're even making the mistakes until their tresses are damaged beyond repair.

First of all, putting your wet hair up in a braid on pony tail when it's still wet might seem harmless enough, but it can lead to split ends.

Taylor explained: "Pulling your hair back too soon after washing can cause major damage."

According to Vogue India tying your hair up when it's still soaking wet "the tension will increase as it dries."


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"The usual dents and snags that can happen in a dry ponytail worsens if the hair is damp."

The second mistake you're probably making is to do with your hair brush.

According to Taylor, different hair types need a different type of brush.

A paddle brush might be great if you're hair is naturally long and straight.

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But for thicker locks a nylon bristle brush might be better, Healthline reports.

And finally, although dry shampoo can be handy to add to your locks when your don't have time for a full wash and blow dry, using it too often could cause more harm than good, Taylor said.

"Limit to once or twice a week so you don't clog your hair follicles," she suggested.

According to the pros at Healthline, overusing dry shampoo can even lead to folliculitis, bacterial or fungal infection.

"Using dry shampoo too often or leaving it in your hair for prolonged periods without washing it out can lead to a build up of the product on your scalp," they explained.

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