8 Highest-Grossing Isabella Rossellini Movies, Ranked

Being born as a daughter two movie legends, Isabella Rossellini has made a name for herself. Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini has made America her home since she immigrated to the country in 1979. She holds dual citizenship as Italian and American citizen which made making movies much easier. She is the daughter of neo-realist master Italian director Roberto Rossellini and three-time Oscar winner Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. Being born in the family of skilled artists in the industry, Isabella is set for a great start when she realized she wants to do acting as well. She has been in the movie industry for such a long time and has done numerous movies, among them are the list below which banked the most out of all her movies.

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8 Empire

With over $17,504,595 domestic gross and $18,495,444 worldwide box office, Empire which was released on December 2, 2002 lands on the eighth spot of the list. The drama movie produced by Arenas Entertainment is about Victor Rosa played by John Alberto Leguizamo who had a blunt world-view that has defined his life. He has worked his way up in the neighborhood ladder so he can become a crew leader for Joanna “La Columbiana” Menendez which was played by Isabella Rossellini.

7 Cousins

With over $21,707,236 gross on the box office, Cousins which was only released in the U.S. on February 10, 1989 lands on the seventh spot of the list. The romantic movie produced by William Allyn is a remake of the popular French romantic comedy Cousin Cousine. The movie is about Larry who was played by Ted Danson and Maria who was played by Isabella Rossellini who met at the wedding of Larry’s uncle to the mother of Maria. It was also revealed during the wedding that Maria’s husband is having an affair with Larry’s wife. Bonding over the anger they both felt, Larry and Maria soon began their own affair.

6 The Accidental Husband

With over $22,707,064 worldwide box office, The Accidental Husband which was only released internationally on November 10, 2009 lands on the sixth spot of the list. The romantic movie produced by Blumhouse Production is about a radio host Emma played by Uma Thurman who is about to get married to the man of her dreams Richard who was played by Colin Firth. Emma’s life turned upside down when she learned that she was already married to an irresponsible fireman named Patrick who was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

5 Wyatt Earp

With over $25,052,000 box office, Wyatt Earp which was only released in the U.S. on June 24, 1994 lands on the fifth spot of the list. The Western drama movie produced by Warner Bros. is about the epic biography of the western Law enforcement officer Wyatt Earp who is taught that nothing matters more than the family and the law. He became a respected sheriff in their small town in in Dodge City and Tombstone.

4 White Nights

With over $42,160,849 box office, White Nights which was only released in the U.S. on November 22, 1985 lands on the fourth spot of the list. The drama movie produced by Delphi IV productions is about ballet dancer Nikolai Rodchenko who was played by Nikolai Rodchenko who was recognized as a defector and was brought into custody while he was already on board on the plane. He then returned to the Leningrad where he reunited with his former lover Galina Ivanova who was played by Helen Mirren.

3 Joy

With over $56,451,232 domestic gross and $101,134,059 worldwide box office, Joy which was released on December 25, 2015 lands on the third spot of the list. The drama movie produced by Fox 2000 Pictures is about a story of a family across four generations which was centered on the girl who became the woman who founded a business dynasty and became a matriarch in her own right. The inspiring story is about the innocence and scars of experiencing love.

2 Death Becomes Her

With over $58,422,650 domestic gross and $149,022,650 worldwide box office, Death Becomes Her which was released on July 31, 1992 lands on the second spot of the list. The drama movie produced by Universal Pictures is about a novelist who lost her man to a movie star who also happens to her former friend. She eventually winds up in psychiatric hospital after the incident. A few years later, she returned home to confront the married couple looking stunning and radiant. She was actually taking drugs that can grant eternal life to those who drinks it.

1 Incredibles 2

With over $608,581,744 domestic gross and $1,242,805,359 worldwide box office, Incredibles 2 which was released on June 15, 2018 lands on the first spot of the list. The comedy movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios is about telecommunications guru Winston Deavor who enlisted Elastigirl to fight the crimes and make the public fall in love with the superheroes all over again. This leaves Mr. Incredible with an incredible challenge of his life, by staying home and just taking care of three of their kids.

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