Adorable moment uncontrollably happy puppy mill dog is adopted

Adorable moment rescue dog Bailey is finally adopted

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A cute puppy has gone viral worldwide with over 112 million viewers due to their adorable reaction to finding out they are about to be adopted. The dog is a rescue from Wayne County Dog Shelter, which rescues hundreds of dogs each year.

Bailey is an old English Bulldog from Ohio whose reaction to finding out she’s been adopted has captured the internet’s heart.

The viral video shows Bailey in a cage at a dog shelter when she is approached by a shelter worker with a yellow card, which shows that Bailey has been selected by a family and will be going home to her new owner.

Bailey begins tapping his feet excitedly, wagging her tail and howling excitedly. She also presses her nose against her adoption card through the cage as the shelter worker holds the card out and says: “What’s this? Is this yours? Do you want to have a family? Do you have a family? Yes, you do sweetie, yes you do!”

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Bailey’s reaction has gotten over 20 millions likes on TikTok, as people are happy that the puppy has found a family. One comment said: “I love seeing dogs so uncontrollably happy” while another popular comment said: “Oh my gosh, what a little pumpkin! Congratulations Bailey!”

Somebody else wrote: “I’m definitely not sitting in a Starbucks drive-thru hysterically crying right now.”

Joe Kay, a dog rescuer who is the owner of the social media account @adoptingdogs, Joe explained that Bailey was rescued from a puppy mill, which are often establishments that breed puppies in a cruel and unethical manner.

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Another update on the family shows on social media shows Bailey waiting for the school bus to arrive and two children running excitedly to hug Bailey and calling her ‘Potato’ as a new nickname.

Joe has now posted an update on what Bailey’s new life is now like, in an interview with the puppy’s adoptive family. The mum of the family explained that Bailey waits for the children to get home from school

The mum said: “Normally what happens, is on the days [Bailey] picks the kids up from the bus…anytime she sees them she goes bananas.”

The family have said that “Bailey’s adjusting in her new home just great” and now has multiple toys to play with as well as a loving family. The family have said Bailey’s orange bone and a glow-in-the-dark stick are her new favourite toys as well as saying it was “love at first sight” for them.

On social media, Joe posts many videos of dogs waiting to be adopted from the Wayne County Dog Shelter. The shelter says its mission is to “provide temporary shelter, care, and comfort to all stray, abandoned, neglected and injured dogs in Wayne County.”

The shelter a large part of its funding from donations in order to get the puppies medical care and help with other needs that the shelter requires. Through fundraising efforts, the shelter has been able to improve the quality of vaccinations for the dogs and install four play yards with equipment for the hundreds of dogs at the shelter to play with.

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