Amazon’s bloody ‘I’m Fine’ T-shirt is no joke: stabbing victim’s mom

The mother of a stabbing victim is calling out Amazon for selling tasteless tees that make light of the deadly crime that took her son’s life.

T-shirts emblazoned with “I’m Fine” — despite showing a blood-spattered stab wound — should be banned, says Peguy Kato, 42, the Daily Mail reports. In 2013, she lost her 17-year-old son Champion Ganda to knife violence when he was knifed to death outside an East London primary school.

“This shows no respect for families whose loved ones have died,” who is now crowdfunding to open a anti-violence charity in her son’s name.

“They’re making it look like it’s a joke — but it is human beings,” Kato says. “[This} normalizes and glorifies stabbing.”

Listings for the shirt have been pulled from eBay, with a spokesman saying, “These items are banned from eBay’s UK platform and any future listings will be removed.”

Amazon and other retailers, however, still offer a wide assortment of variations on the gory garment.

This isn’t the first piece of cloth to spark heated debate over blood-splatters. In April, a set of gory “murder scene” sheets from online retailer Ambesonne received a much backlash for its macabre design.

Also facing anti-violence controversy: a new T-shirt by Vetements featuring the phrase “Don’t shoot” in three languages.

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