Are MAFS Australia stars Brent and Tamara still together?

Given that the whole premise of the show is people marrying without ever meeting their partner, it’s no surprise thatMarried At First Sight Australia series nine has been full of drama.

Watchingrelationships turning sour andawkward conversations unfold is nothing new on the UK version, but for one couple in the Australian show, things haven’t been plain sailing at all.

In fact, ever since tying the knot, contestants Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic found themselves at the centre of a squabbling storm.

As a result, when it came to the final commitment ceremony, it wasn’t a complete shock when the pair used their speeches to blast one another.

Whereas Tamara stated how her beau made her feel “homesick”, Brent called his partner “vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed” before walking off.

So, what exactly happened to Brent and Tamara following the dramatic ceremony? Here’s everything we know…

What is Brent doing now?

After filming for the show wrapped up, Brent returned back to Sydney.

Though it’s unclear whether he’s returned to his old hospitality job, he has opened up about that scene in question.

Appearing on The Handbags Podcast, he said: “I'll be honest, I planned to drop the cards. I'd had enough and I was ready to walk away and make a statement that she needed to understand.

“I had taken shot to shot from Tamara and I wanted to say my piece and walk away. It took me a week to write that speech.”

What’s Tamara doing now?

Like Brent, it’s unclear whether Tamara has resumed her job where she’d previously worked in Queensland as an Operational Manager.

Judging by her social media, she has been spending her time with her friends and family.

She has however opened up about her time on the show.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, she wrote: “Outside of this experiment I am a completely different person, grounded by my family and friends inside my comfort zone, I'm laid back and fun-loving about anything I do in life and that's why I wanted to give this a go because really, I like to give anything a go.

“Unless you've been through this experiment you will never truly understand the struggle or toll it takes from being so far from your comfort zone and nothing could prepare you.”

Are they together?

With their turbulent time during the experiment, it seems that the pair never managed to make things work outside of the show either.

According to reports, Brent and fellow MAFS Australia contestant Ella Ding may soon see love on the horizon.

Speaking to New Idea, Brent said: “Me and Ella have spoken. We are really, really close.

“We've had the conversation that if we had been matched, things would've turned out amazingly and we were a lot more suited.

“We are just spending time together as really good friends, and if something happens, it does; if it doesn't, it doesn't. We're kind of open to both of it.”

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