Astrology Explains Why Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan Look So Good Together

In case you missed it (who am I kidding, of course you didn’t), sexiest man alive Michael B. Jordan is in a relationship with Lori Harvey. The two have been flirting with each other on social media ever since they made their relationship IG official in January.

The usually low-key actor has been posting photos of the two poolside, playing in the snow for Lori’s birthday, and shared pics of himself on a yacht for which he credited her as his photographer. It wouldn’t be unusual if his PDA on social has you thinking he’s madly in love, because he is, says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer. And on Lori’s end, the feeling’s mutual.

See, on the surface Michael, an Aquarius, and Lori’s Capricorn don’t have much in common, but they’re both ruled by Saturn, the planet of tradition. Even though Michael’s an independent spirit, says Lang, Saturn grounds him and facilitates his attraction to Lori’s very practical Sun sign.

It also helps that the two are friends as well as lovers. Considering Capricorn and Aquarius are next to each other in the zodiac, “there’s a tendency toward friendship,” Lang says. Plus it doesn’t hurt that because Lori’s Sun is well positioned from Michael’s Jupiter (the planet of opportunity and expansion), they share long-term goals. “They are cheerleaders for one another and can accomplish much success together,” Lang says.

But wait, there’s more. In case this wasn’t enough to convince you Lori and Michael are in this, Lang breaks down exactly how the stars and the planets are working in their favor.

Venus is the reason they look so good together.

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No, seriously. Lori’s Venus is positioned at a favorable angle from Michael’s. And considering Venus is the planet of romance, harmony, beauty, and style, says Lang, its position in their charts determines why you can’t stop looking at them. Venus also likely rules the couple’s similar interests in art and music, Lang adds.

Venus’ influence goes beyond the surface, too. “[It] shows the ability to work through conflicts and the desire to have a harmonious relationship,” Lang says. Michael might sometimes put Lori up on a pedestal and idealize her, since his Neptune is lined up with Lori’s Venus and Mercury, but Lang assures, her Capricorn energy brings him right back down to earth every time.

Trust comes easily to them thanks to Neptune.

“They might actually feel a psychic connection with one another,” says Lang, and that’s all because of the spiritual bond Neptune brings out in their relationship. And because their connection feels so meant-to-be, they’re always in tune with the other’s needs and feelings. As in, it’s likely that both Michael and Lori can quickly pick up if the other is lying.

Michael, Lang says, brings out Lori’s sensitivities and makes her comfortable enough to let her guard down. Lori takes care to show Michael empathy, Lang says.

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Sure, they’re all in, but Mercury allows them to maintain their individuality.

As an Aquarius, Michael is all about having a sense of freedom. “Lori’s Pluto is challenging Michael’s Mercury, which can indicate that the couple is very deep with one another but they can be too introspective together,” says Lang. So, it’s important that they maintain their respective social lives and create a broad network around them whether that’s with friends or work-related projects, she adds—even if they want to work on those projects together.

And when there’s conflict, it’s likely things will be quickly resolved since Michael’s moon in Cancer makes him especially sensitive when things don’t work out as planned. There’s no room for games in this relationship.

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