Beauty: Feel-good season hits

Beauty: Feel-good season hits


A-listers know false eyelashes are a surefire way to amp up the glam, but on mere mortals they can verge into What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? territory. To counter this, Jill Medicis at hot US brand Lashify suggests ‘switching black lashes for brown’ and keeping them fine. ‘Our Gossamer Lashes are designed to look like your own lashes but better.’ I love them but, full disclosure: they need patience and practice. Once mastered, though, you won’t look back. They can also last up to a week. From £90 for a reusable kit,

Actress Michelle Yeoh bats her Lashify lashes at this year’s Oscars


Give your Gen Z-ers brands that target their skin and aesthetic. Newcomer Indu ( has age-appropriate formulas and make-up such as brow gel, skin mattifier and clear mascara that will leave them groomed but won’t get them a detention. Spots & Stripes products, such as Gentle Exfoliating Liquid, are not just comfortingly natural but promise real results on breakout-prone skin. Want other fun but functional gift ideas? Sundae Berry Exfoliating Whipped Shower Foam (£12.99,, which has alpha-hydroxy acids to help with ‘bacne’, and fab-smelling body moisturiser Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, which our editor and her daughter use. Not to be left out, Gen-Alphas will love Wonderverse’s cartoon-adorned bottles, which dispense paw-shaped clouds of cleansers (£13,


Whether you’re blonde, brunette, silver or red, the fade-fighting Virtue Colorkick Illuminating Mask (£62, will banish brassiness and elicit a wow response. Ditto L’Oréal Absolut Repair Molecular Rinse-off Serum (£30.50, – it makes wire-wool locks silky smooth.


Catrice Pure False Lash Mascara (£4.49, beats pricier rivals – making lashes look longer, fuller and glossier with no clumping or smudging.

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