Best Halloween Props 2019 | The Sun UK

WHETHER OR NOT you enjoy dressing up on Halloween, playing around with a Halloween prop – or several – is everyone’s cup of tea.

After all, who doesn’t want to ride around on a broomstick for a night?

Halloween props can either be a costume substitute – sticking on a headband that makes you look like you’re being stabbed through the skull can be pretty effective (especially with a bit of face paint)  – or the finishing touch to an elaborate costume.

Halloween props can also double as décor: carrying around a light-up gravestone or lantern is a fantastic way to make your zombie/Grim Reaper/vampire costume come to life – and will also look good on your front porch.

Some Halloween props serve an essential, rather than purely decorative, purpose: trick-or-treat buckets.

Go down the crafty path of getting one of those cute felt bags and you may find a child that’s sorely disappointed because their friends’ plastic pumpkin buckets have a much better sweets capacity (bigger, and sturdier, is better when it comes to a Halloween bucket).

And don’t forget to stock up on cauldron-style bowls to have around the house: they look festive and spooky for Halloween, and make it much easier to access those sweets when you want them.

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