Body language expert reveals ‘stoic’ Kate took cues from the Queen

Kate and Meghan’s united front! Body language expert reveals how ‘stoic’ Kate took cues from the Queen to end feud rumours – by leaning in to Meghan, mirroring her gestures and laughing together

  • Boyd language expert Judi James noted signs of growing friendship between Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan
  • Pair shared a sweet moment when Wimbledon winner Simona Halep said it would be ‘amazing’ to meet them
  • Meghan and Kate both laughed, indicating shared moment of understanding
  • Kate made sure to lean in to Meghan when they were chatting
  • Judi said Kate has taken a ‘stoic’ approach to feud rumours, inspired by Queen 

Royals are used to hiding their feelings aside and putting their best face forward to the public, but when Kate and Meghan appeared at Wimbledon together today, all signs seemed to point to a genuine rapport between the ‘feuding’ duchesses. 

Body language expert Judi James analysed the outing, and noted positive signs such as mirroring each other’s gestures and even touching arms at one point. 

And she said Kate may well have taken cues from the Queen by acting in a ‘stoic’ but determined way to put paid to any negative rumours about the relationships in her family.  

The pair shared also a sweet moment, when it was suggested to Wimbledon winner Simona Halep by an interviewer that she might get to meet the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.

Simona replied that it would be ‘amazing’, prompting smiles from both Kate and Meghan.  

According to a lip reading expert, the Duchess of Sussex then turned to Kate and said ‘ahh that’s so nice’, and they both laughed and smiled in a self-deprecating fashion. 

Touching arms and synchronised grins indicates a growing friendship between Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan . They also mirrored each other’s low-slung hand clasp

Judi James added: ‘Both Kate and Meghan looked at one another, performing a mutually modest self-diminishing ritual as they grinned together, with the synchronised movement suggesting like-minded thinking.’ 

Kate and Meghan were also seen mirroring each other’s gestures, which Judi said ‘signals subliminal rapport, with both using the same relaxed-looking low-slung hand clasp’.

Referring to a moment when their arms touched, Judi said: The proximity of their inner arms here, with what looks like some touching, could be a very powerful signal of growing friendship.’

She added that Kate seemed to have taken note from the Queen in her approach to today’s outing.  

When Wimbledon champion Simona Halep said it would be ‘amazing’ to meet Kate and Meghan, both smiled and shared a ‘modest self-diminishing ritual’, indicating a moment of shared understanding 

The Duchess of Cambridge made sure to lean in to Meghan when she spoke, making her sister-in-law feel welcome and important 

‘There are echoes of the Queen’s trait of stoic but emphatic body language rituals to nail any negative rumours about her family from Kate.’

Indeed, it seemed to be the Duchess of Cambridge who went out of her way today to ensure that Meghan was at ease. 

She brought along her sister Pippa and Meghan sat between them, so that the Duchess wasn’t in competition for Kate’s attention.  

Kate brought her sister Pippa along to Wimbledon and sat her on the other side of Meghan so that the Duchess of Sussex would have two hosts to keep her company for the day 

‘Kate sat Meghan in middle position, between herself and sister Pippa to ensure she was double-hosted for the tournament,’ Judi explained. 

‘She also leaned in towards her using eye-contact and some bouts of very relaxed-looking laughter to show friendly bonds in the face of all the rumoured rifts.

‘Meghan’s active gesticulations suggested she enjoyed sharing what often looked like giggling laughter with Kate and Pippa. 

‘As they joked together all three leaned back in their seats in a very congruent ritual of relaxation in one another’s company.’

Judi James suggested that Kate took cues from the Queen and was ‘stoic but emphatic’ in her behaviour towards Meghan today, ensuring that the other Duchess felt comfortable in order to put an end to negative rumours about their relationship 


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