Can you reheat chicken twice? Do’s and dont’s of heating up leftovers

THERE’s no point letting good food to waste, so putting away leftovers and re-heating it the next day is a process we’re all too familiar with.

But when it comes to warming up cooked meat, it can get tricky.. here’s what you should always bear in mind.

Can I re-heat chicken?

In short, yes, you can.

But when you’re re-heating poultry you need to be careful that you don’t undercook it.

You could also dry out your chicken and make it inedible.

You should also be aware of how long it’s been standing in the fridge for.. anything longer than three days and you should toss it out!

How many times can you re-heat chicken?

Lydia Buchtmann from the Food Safety Information Council told that you can actually re-heat chicken as much as you want.

The important thing is that it should be piping hot all the way through.

The chicken should reach 75 degrees celsius and the only accurate way to measure this is with a cooking thermometer.

Get yourself one and you’ll be golden!

What’s the best way to re-heat chicken?

The best way to make sure your food’s ready to eat is through cutting up the chicken into smaller parts.

This ensures that the meat is properly heated all the way through and prevents the centre from being cold, which can happen if it’s a big chunk of chicken.

When the meat has been separated to smaller pieces, make sure they aren’t overlapping or touching eachother.

Also, adding a few drops of water or chicken stock can ensure that it doesn’t dry out, as well as putting a sheet of kitchen roll on top of the meat.. yes, really!








What foods shouldn’t be re-heated?

Eggs should NEVER be re-heated, just the thought of it alone is making us queasy..

Fish is one that is best avoided.. seafood is complicated enough to cook the first time, and heating it up incorrectly could result in some major tummy troubles.

If you’re microwaving some rice then you should be aware of where it’s been stored, as unless it’s been in the fridge the whole time it could be full of bacteria.

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