Cancer zodiac career guide, from dream job ideas to strengths and weaknesses

When you’re thinking about your future career options and trajectory, why not consult the traits and realities of your star sign?

After all, it might steer you in the direction of the work destiny tailor-made to suit you and your strengths.

Astrology can also help you reveal weaknesses you may have missed, allowing you to deal with what’s holding you back and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Cancer, step this way for some cosmic career advice, and read on for some cosmic career advice, so you can harness your unique zodiac energy for success.

Cancer career strengths to build on

A Water sign ruled by the moon, you are all intuition, emotional intelligence, creativity and empathy. You are a natural empath so you yearn to build close relationships and help other people. Understanding is your super power and you can automatically see through any fronts and facades to what lies beneath, what really makes people tick and how they truly feel.

You enjoy being with others (though you need time to decompress afterwards), healing, talking, empathising, boosting, building, and creating. You are a Cardinal sign and enjoy making things happen, creating new ideas, upgrading and transforming what is there for the better. You are a builder by nature, a creator, an improver.

Naturally astute and adept with people, you possess great skills of tact and diplomacy, influence and persuasion. You are charming, funny, knowing, and smart.

You have a really big heart and are led by your emotions and passions, so it’s crucial that your career choice is heartfelt and means something to you. There usually has to be a worthy cause or reason to do whatever you do. The relentless pursuit of fame, fortune or reward is not enough for you. There has to be an emotional bond.

Cancer career flaws to mitigate

You are moody – this isn’t your fault, though, it’s because you’re ruled by the moon and her tidal waves of emotional power. It heightens your sensitivity to maximum levels. And because you put so much emphasis into relationships, you can be vulnerable and needy when feelings aren’t reciprocated.

Your urge to give, care, heal, and nurture can lead you into exhaustion and burnout. All Cancerians need to learn to measure their efforts rationally. Don’t keep giving more when your efforts so far haven’t been repaid or acknowledged. People take advantage. Don’t be a martyr. Put boundaries in place at work.

All Cancerians are wedded to their pasts. Most have excellent memories and enjoy really long term friendships and alliances. However, in the workplace, you’re only as good as what you do today. The past doesn’t matter that much and this can feel hard/callous to you. Don’t look back, dwell, or focus on what was the case. Things change fast.

Ideal job roles for a Cancer

Healing. Given your need to nurture and care for others, you are drawn to careers that help you to help others. Therapy, counselling, teaching, coaching, training, nursing, social work, medicine, psychology.

Anything linked to homes. All Cancerians are natural home birds and love to create secure, lovely, safe, happy nests. Selling, repairing, upgrading and improving homes is a natural interest and talent.

Beautifying. Your magical bedside manner and natural empathy make you a great beauty therapist, hairdresser, fashion stylist, or anything where you’re offering makeovers. You enjoy making others look and feel good and you have a great eye for what will suit.

Childcare, welfare and protection. You are fantastic with children and feel strongly about their safety and healthy development. From child minding through to researching new ways and means to teach and care for children, you are attuned to this age group’s needs.

Cancer as a manager

Your super powers of intuition and empathy make you a very shrewd, caring and understanding boss. You will know all of your team intimately and therefore working in a smaller business works best for you, where those relationships matter most.

You might struggle, sometimes, to really pull rank, display authority, or basically tell people off! It’s not in your nature to be harsh (although, when really pushed, you are terrifying).

You will prioritise strong working relationships, a healthy and caring environment, a good cause or charitable core to your business, and a real focus on creativity and imaginative ideas.

Cancer in self-employment

When you have a great idea which stirs your emotions and aligns with your heart then you’re unstoppable. That said, you don’t always like working alone and not being a part of something bigger, so solo pathways can feel lonely at times.

It’s good if you can balance both, or join a loose forum of entrepreneurs who collaborate on projects so you get your ‘people dose’.

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