Can't remove your fake tan? There's a bath bomb for that

If you could send one item hurtling back through time and universes to Friends episode; ‘The One with Ross’s Tan’, it would be this one.

Lusso Tan, a Belfast-based company selling organic, cruelty-free tanning products, has developed a bath bomb that’s meant to remove even the most stubborn fake tan.

The product was developed by sisters Lynsey Bennett, Leah White and Sarah White. Talk about squad goals.

While most sisters struggle to agree on whether their parents have a favourite child, or where to spend their next family holiday, these three have been working together for years.

They’ve got more than 15 years experience in the tanning industry, meaning they know how to get their glow on and strip it right off.

The bath bomb, which contains avocado oil, lemon essential oil, and witch hazel, helps to remove tan and also moisturise skin.

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Removes even the most stubborn tan

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The innovative beauty product came about after therapists at their spa business spotted a gap in the market.

‘The bomb came about after our therapists at The Secret Day, who are obsessed with bath bombs, asked us could we create a bomb that melts tan away at the same time looks after your skin,’ Lynsey told

To use, simply hop in the bath, pop in the bath bomb and let the water melt the tan away. Lynsey also recommends drinking gin while you do it, of course.

10 minutes is the sweet spot when the tan soaks off. Users can assist the process by exfoliating away dead skin cells with a mit or brush.

The Lusso Tan Bath Bomb is available for £8.50 each.

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