Charlotte Church launches £300-a-night wellness retreat with a womb-room and vagina-shaped shower

Over recent years, there’s been a shift in how we perceive our bodies, with both physical health and mental wellbeing being at the forefront of our minds like never before.

With this trend, a number ofcelebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Holly Willoughby have been keen to emphasise the importance of looking after ourselves, whether it means eating a balanced diet, giving outdoor showers a go or using the alleged healing powers of crystals.

And nowformer the Masked Singer starCharlotte Church has transformed a stunning 15th Century house in Wales into a blissful wellness retreat which features a vagina-shaped shower and its very own ‘womb room’.

Located in the stunning Elan Valley, The Dreaming retreat is the former £1.5 million home of esteemed designer Laura Ashley and has been given an extensive makeover by 36 year old Charlotte for her TV show My Dream Build.

According to its website, the retreat asims to encourage more people to connect with nature and to find the kind of peace that is impossible to attain in our normal lives.

“By spending time in woodland spaces we lower our cortisol levels and blood pressure, improve our mental health, and even reduce the chances of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes,” it reads.

Inside, the stunning country home is full of natural light, with each room carrying its own distinct vibe, whether that be the dried flower dining room or the palm tree relaxation zone.

One of the rooms is called ‘The Womb’ and is designed to be a “celebration of womanhood”, according to the website. With its orange and yellow sunset toned linen, green leafy plants and pink tadelakt shower, a stay in the room will have you feeling as if you’re tucked away in a cocoon.

Elsewhere, other rooms called ‘The Dawn’ and ‘The Mushroom’ are equally as mesmerising and feature plenty of warm neutral tones, breathtaking views and botanical plants, with prices starting at £300 a night.

Meanwhile, the most expensive room in the retreat is the Forest Spirits room, which sleeps three people and will set you back £900 per person, with each room having a minimum stay of three nights.

Beyond the individual rooms, The Dreaming also has a Healing Room which encourages guests to take part in activities including yoga, sound healing and movement.

Another room, The Cwtch – which is Welsh for cuddle – embodies the cosiness of the retreat and is a space for guests to unwind by chatting, listening to records and playing board games.

Throughout the stay, guests will be treated to vegetarian and vegan food and everyone is encouraged to help the crops go from farm to table by planting seeds and harvesting and cooking vegetables alongside the chefs.

And given that the retreat is all about disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of modern life, offerings at The Dreaming include mythic storytelling, cold water immersion, dawn singing, silent discos and night time forest bathing.

Charlotte’s new endeavour comes after the singerspoke to OK! about balancing the transformation of the retreat with raising her three children.

“My main job in life is as a mother, so as long as [work] doesn’t take me away from my beautiful babies too much,” she said.


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