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YOU’VE got your target in view, you click – nothing happens, you lose. There’s no frustration greater than having gameplay ruined by a mouse that just won’t play ball.

If you're looking to upgrade your creaky old mouse with something a little sharper, you're in the right place.

Bear in mind: if you have a preference for fast-paced shooters will be looking to get a mouse with a high CPI sensor for precision of movement, and a powerful IPS rating to keep on top of tracking.

While fans of strategy games will prioritise comfort with an ergonomic mouse, and gamers who like to play in the dark will choose a pointer with RGB lighting.

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The good news is that the best gaming mice aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Top-of-the-range models come with all kinds of bells and whistles (check out the 3DConnexion 3DX-700040 Space Mouse Pro selling at a staggering £349.99), but do you really need six-degrees-of-freedom sensors and 15 different function keys?

Here are a few of the mice that got a resounding yes from gamers who tested them out. Click to see for yourself.

Cheap mouse for shooters

  • Pictek Gaming Mouse, £19.99 at Amazon – buy here

For shooters, flexibility of DPI is crucial – it dictates how many dots your mouse cursor will move per inch – and this allows you to specify the DPI that suits you the best, with the option of switching to another level at the click of a finger.

You can also change the polling rate to match your speed, mouse sensitivity, the scrolling speed, the double-click speed and change lighting effects.

Crucially, the Rapid Fire button gives you the edge you need during those intensive FPS battles.

Cheap mouse for heavy gamers

  • Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse, £30.50 at Amazon – buy here

Logitech, arguably alongside Razer, are make for the best gaming mice around, but they rarely come cheap.

It’s great to find this greatly reduced, no doubt because it lacks some of the gimmicks (if not the quality of gameplay) of newer models.

It fits in the hand snugly, regardless of whether you have large or small hands, which is crucial for prolonged play.

To say the optical sensor is powerful is an understatement – it can track 420 inches per second!

Lightweight materials and low friction feet help ensure that your gaming sessions last as long as you can

Cheap mouse for strategy gamers

  • Anker 2.4G Vertical Mouse, £13.99 at Amazon – buy here

Strategy and adventure games are best played with ergonomic mice which mould to the hand and ease the pressure on wrist and finger action – the science that goes with it often pushing the price sky high.

The Anker 2.4G keeps the price low, despite its futuristic design that encourages healthy neutral ‘handshake wrist’ and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain.

Flexible DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides added sensitivity for smooth and precise tracking on the wide range of surfaces common in adventure games.

Best value mouse for large hands

  • Cougar 450M Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse, £37.70 at Amazon – buy here

Large handed folk struggle to come to grips with a lot of mice, but the ambidextrous design of the Cougar 450M means it fits the palm snugly, with the ability to operate the extra buttons on both sides and the DPI button on top with ease. Good news too for left handed users.

The Pro-grade 5000 dpi optical sensor can reliably track precise movements, free from acceleration, jitter and smoothing.

The cable is braided so doesn’t bend easily so less likely to get in the way of hands in action.

Best value mouse for playing in the dark

  • Corsair Harpoon Gaming Mouse, £24.99 at Amazon – buy here

The CUE-enabled multi-coloured RGB lighting, featuring a 6000 DPI optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking for precise control, makes the Corsair Harpoon a great little mouse to control in low lighting.

Unlike a lot of cheap mice that are flimsy to the touch, the textured, moulded rubber side grips allow for a solid feel and firm hold, made all the more desirable thanks to its array of programmable buttons, DPI adjustment, and a handy clickable scroll wheel.

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