Cops: Bar Patrons Jumped Into Action As Man Held Woman at Gunpoint

Security footage shows the man allegedly firing off six shots — with police saying, "it's amazing this dirtbag did not kill or seriously injure anyone."

30-year-old Connor Anderson is behind bars after police say he put a woman in a headlock and held her at gunpoint at a bar in Palm Coast, Florida this week.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, Anderson was at Smiles Nite Club on Sunday night “when he became upset about being unable to find his car keys.” They say he left the bar, but allegedly came back with a firearm in hand, placed the woman in a headlock “and held a gun to her head.”

Security footage from the establishment shows someone jump over the bar in an attempt to stop the attack, as other patrons rushed to help. According to authorities, as they attempted to “disarm the suspect,” he “fired the gun approximately six times towards several patrons of the bar.”

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The footage shows debris starting to fly and some of the bystanders flee as the shots went off. They were, however, able to “tackle the suspect and get him on the ground before he fled the bar,” per authorities.

When police arrived on scene, they say Anderson was in a nearby parking lot — still armed with the handgun.

He was apprehended without incident, which can be seen in bodycam footage of his arrest (below).

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He was arrested for 6 counts of shooting into or throwing deadly missiles, 3 counts of aggravated assault, battery, using a firearm while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, and improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.

According to the website for the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility, Anderson remains behind bars on $542,000 bond.

“It is amazing this dirtbag did not kill or seriously injure anyone during his moment of rage over something as small as his car keys,” said Sheriff Rick Staly in a statement. “Violence is never the answer and alcohol and guns never mix well. Anderson will be learning that the hard way as he sits in jail at the Green Roof Inn.”

“I also commend the patrons that intervened and immediately called us,” added Staly. “Putting themselves in danger in this case saved many lives.”

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