Dancehall icons Shaggy, Spice and Sean Paul talk making 'Go Down Deh': 'The culture needed it'

Jamaican artist Spice’s latest single, “Go Down Deh,” unites her with two other notable icons in the dancehall genre, Shaggy and Sean Paul.

The artists spoke about joining forces for the upbeat dance track and the impact of their collaboration before their “Good Morning America” 2021 Summer Concert Series performance on Friday.

Spice, who has been dubbed the “Queen of Dancehall,” said it was “a historical moment” for her to work alongside the two artists for “Go Down Deh,” which will appear on her debut album, “Ten,” out July 30.

“I’m very humbled to know that I’m sandwiched between two legends — two of our genre’s greatest — so I’m just so happy and humbled to have Shaggy and Sean Paul on my record,” she said.

Shaggy described “Go Down Deh” as a song that “the culture needed.”

“Sean and I have known each other for years and Spice also,” he said. “Spice is somebody that both Sean and I really respect and love her craft and love what she represents in dancehall.”

Sean Paul noted that he and Shaggy had discussed the need for more tracks featuring multiple artists that spotlight the Jamaican music genre.

“Collaboration in our genre is something that we need to do more of, which is what me and Shaggy have been speaking of,” he said. “We both agree that this is Spice’s time right now. Her album is way overdue.”

Spice said “Go Down Deh” came together so well because of their great chemistry and energy. She first reached out to Shaggy to be featured on the song and after they hit the studio together, said she realized she wanted to have Sean Paul on it as well.

“The moment I sent it to Sean Paul — 24 hours — he sent back his verse on the song, so that’s energy right there,” she said. “It wasn’t nothing forced. It was just a good energy and a good vibe.”

The trio believes this is the anthem the world needs right now. “We all need a free up, right, we need a good time, and this song is providing that,” Sean Paul said.

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VIDEO: Shaggy, Sean Paul and Spice perform ‘Go Down Deh’

Shaggy, Sean Paul and Spice perform ‘Go Down Deh’

VIDEO: Shaggy, Sean Paul and Spice talk collaborating for new hit song

Shaggy, Sean Paul and Spice talk collaborating for new hit song

“I just love the fact that it’s bringing joy,” Shaggy explained. “Everybody you see globally — Italy, Japan, Russia — it’s just joy, it’s just smiles on people’s faces. And we just need that right now coming out of this pandemic.”

“Dancehall has always been a music that brings joy to a lot of people,” he added. “It’s such a culturally strong genre.”

The song even has garnered a worldwide, viral dance challenge, which Spice says has been “mind-blowing” to see.

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