Dentist reveals three lazy habits which are harming your teeth

Dentist reveals the three things LAZY patients do that will ruin their teeth – so, how many are YOU guilty of?

  • Dr. Wei Jian, from Malaysia, said certain behaviours can lead to damaged teeth
  • He advises patients not to grind their jaw and to stop using tooth picks 
  • By using vivid photos, the dentist shows how nail biting can lead to chipping
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A dentist has revealed three habits which are harming people’s gums and ruining their teeth in a shocking TikTok video. 

Dr. Wei Jian, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shared a video on the social media platform about how certain behaviours are leading to chipped, sensitive and crooked teeth.   

In his highly animated piece to camera, where he dresses up in his lightweight scrub set, Dr Jian starts the clip by advising patients to stop grinding their gnashers. 

NHS guidance shows this can cause them to become worn-down, oversensitive and broken. 

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Dr. Wei Jian (above), from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, explained how certain behaviours are leading to chipped, sensitive and crooked teeth

He shows the consequences bruxism by superimposing two pictures of teeth which look chipped away. 

What NOT to do if you want healthy teeth  

1. Grind your teeth 

2. Stop using toothpicks 

3. Nail biting 

His second tip is to stop using tooth picks, as they can lead to injured and receding gums as well as sensitive teeth.  

Dr Jian shakes his head when a picture of a toothpick comes up, showing three snaps of inflamed gums. 

Finally, he explains how nail biting can lead to chipped teeth by examining three photos of broken and uneven teeth.  

He ends the video by winking and showcasing his immaculate teeth to the recorder. 

The news comes after an expert has revealed how to get a smile to rival a Hollywood star at a fraction of the price.

Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, an Essex-based cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetician, advises swapping fizzy drinks and caffeine for vegetables like broccoli, which contains high levels of iron which reduce acid erosion leading to discolouration of teeth. 

In his highly animated piece to camera, where he dresses up in his lightweight scrub set, Dr Jian (above) explains how nail biting can lead to chipped teeth

‘It is important to watch what you eat and drink if you want white teeth. Many foods and drinks such as wine contain substances that can stain teeth,’ she explained.

‘The colour found in these items originates from chromogens which are deeply pigmented molecules which are attracted to the enamel surface of your teeth.’

‘Heavily stained food wears enamel down and exposes dentine which is naturally yellow in colour. Acidic drinks and foods such as fizzy drinks that we enjoy can cause enamel erosion and this will also exposure yellow dentine.’


Studies show that eating cheese raises the pH level in the mouth and reduces changes of tooth decay. It also contains calcium and protein which is fantastic for enamel strength

Pumpkin seeds

They are full of nutrients and vitamins that are great for health of teeth and gums. They contain zinc, iron and magnesium which strengthen tooth enamel and prevents decay


These are a good source of calcium and protein whilst being low in sugar. Wonderful for snacking and healthy for the teeth


These live bacteria are found in certain yoghurts, soy milk and dark chocolate and help decrease gingivitis (gum disease) and plaque from building up

Green Tea

Drinking green tea has been known to reduce bacteria and toxic products they produce in the mouth. Tea is also rich in fluoride- the most well know tooth strengthener.


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