Desperate mum uses frozen peas instead of ice for her gin

Desperate or genius? Crafty mum uses frozen PEAS instead of ice to cool down her gin and tonic at the end of a long day

  • A desperate mum has used frozen peas in her gin and tonic instead of ice cubes 
  • Alanda left the internet in hysterics after sharing a photo on Facebook
  • She turned to the last resort after realising there was no ice in the freezer 
  • Others also suggested using frozen grapes, ice blocks or blueberries in future  

A desperate mum-of-two has left the internet in hysterics after opting to use frozen peas in her gin and tonic instead of ice cubes.

Alanda, from Melbourne, posted a photo of a small bag of frozen peas perched in her alcoholic beverage.

‘When you really want a gin but don’t want to wait for ice. Frozen peas in a sandwich bag it is then!’ she captioned the Facebook post, which went on to receive 4,800 ‘likes’. 

Mum-of-two Alanda decided to use frozen peas in a Ziplock bag for her gin and tonic after realising she was out of ice cubes

The unusual idea seemed to work well at cooling the gin and tonic, but may have been difficult to drink with the bag inside.

Regardless of the desperation, hundreds online considered the idea to be ‘brilliant’ with some offering further solutions when there’s no ice in the freezer.

At first glance, many also thought Alanda used the tactic to avoid watering down her gin. 

‘Have you tried frozen grapes? They don’t water down your drink and are great to chuck in freezer,’ one person wrote.

‘Invest in frozen blueberries it’s a game changer,’ another said, a third suggested: ‘Keep gin or vodka in the freezer! Always cold.’ 

Another mum recommended using unopened kids’ ice blocks in alcoholic beverages rather than ice.  

Perhaps the easiest solution to use in future would be to place the gin directly in the freezer to ensure it’s cold at all times.

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