Did Princess Anne Really Snub Donald Trump?

Princess Anne strikes again. If there is anything that you should know about the Queen’s only daughter, it’s that she does what she wants. That was evident when she decided to forgo giving her children titles like her brothers. And now, it’s becoming even more obvious.

When world leaders were received at Buckingham Palace on Dec. 3, Princess Anne did not stand in line to greet Donald Trump. The video of this apparent snub has had the internet all in a twist. So, was the princess really avoiding the President?

What happened in the video?

On Dec. 3, world leaders celebrated 70 years of NATO cooperation. Donald Trump and his wife Melania reportedly arrived late to the event. When they got there, they were greeted by the Queen, her son Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Princess Anne decided to stand off to the side while the exchange was happening, rather than join her mother and brother. In the video, it looked like the Queen silently chastised the princess for not coming over and greeting Trump.

The internet reacts to Princess Anne

Since the video of the interaction has surfaced, people are relating to Princess Anne on a personal level.

“Never expected to relate to Princess Anne, but hanging back in a doorway to avoid people is something I’ve done in many a social situation,” one person tweeted.

Others were not surprised, as Princess Anne has always been headstrong.

“In March 1974 a man tried to kidnap Princess Anne in the Mall,” one person wrote. “As the kidnapper tried to drag her out of the car she shook her head, said “Not bloody likely!” and went her own way out the other side. Some people never change.”

“Princess Anne shrugs in response to scolding from Queen Elizabeth for not being in the reception line for Trump as a senior royal,” one user said. “Amazing.”

But some people couldn’t help but notice the difference in how the media treats Meghan Markle versus other royals in these instances.

“Princess Anne refuses to meet Donald Trump, shrugs at the queen and is even caught gossiping about Trump like the legend she is and is being praised by the media, but it is Meghan Markles’s shoulder that has no manners and brings shame to the royal family, right,” one user tweeted.

“I feel all of those who are half pissed at these Princess Anne videos,” another person wrote. “It’s amusing to watch but we know if it had been Meghan they would have branded her some leftist, virtue signaling hippie who did not know how to comport herself properly and was bringing down the monarchy.”

Did Princess Anne actually snub Donald Trump?

Though it may have appeared like it in the clip, the Queen actually wasn’t admonishing her daughter for not greeting Trump.

According to Yahoo News, the Queen was actually asking Princess Anne who was next in the line to be greeted.

That’s when the Princess Royal shrugged and said “it’s just me and this lot,” and pointed to the staff behind her.

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