Drivers left baffled by sign which says to turn both LEFT and RIGHT

Talk about mixed signals! Drivers left baffled by road marking which says to turn both LEFT and RIGHT

  • Workers made a poor attempt to correct a sign painted on the road for drivers
  • It originally appeared to say ‘turn left’ before being changed to ‘turn right’
  • Temporary road sign warned drivers NOT to turn left  but one said the opposite
  • It was changed back to ‘turn left’ but not before the mistake had been noticed
  • Confusing junction is opposite the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge, London 

A road marking had drivers totally baffled at the direction they were meant to turn thanks to a poorly-judged mistake.

On the junction in front of the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge it appeared that road workers had made an unfortunate error when topping up the white paint.

Instead of going over the already existing sign which read ‘turn left’ they added a right facing arrow and wrote ‘turn right’.

The resulting indicator was completely illegible. But not only that a temporary sign which told drivers ‘not to turn left’ paired with permanent signs that said ‘turn left’ confused matters even more.

The road sign appeared to tell drivers to turn both left and right, with arrows pointing in both directions and a temporary sign confusing the signals even more

The sign was debated in an online thread with users joking it said ‘IUEAT’ and ‘RLEIGHT’, one joked they didn’t see an issue ‘just turn leat’

A Reddit user shared what could possibly the world’s worst road traffic sign with others on the thread ‘Ihadastroke’, asking: ‘Which way sorry?’

It led to many others debating whether it said ‘right’ or ‘left’.

‘Did anyone else pronounce that as ‘relate’ or is it just me,’ asked one, another responded, ‘It’s obviously IUEAT.’ 

One tried to unpack the directions: ‘2 signs pointing to go left, what appears to be a sign in the middle indicating you can’t turn left, and the road that has the words right and left literally painted on top of each other. I love this intersection so much.’ 

‘I would go left. Its paint is newer, it has two permanent newer signs saying so, and the one sign saying not to is temporary. Definitely going left. The car facing left is just icing on the cake,’ reasoned another.

‘Just… turn. For the love of god turn,’ joked one.

‘Guess I’ll just go up…’ mocked one. 

In May 2016 the sign on the road clearly stated a left turn for drivers (left), but by September 2017 (right), the mistake had been made and a correction with black paint was visible

One person joked that they should just go straight, while others tried to figure out the baffling road signs which told drivers to do the opposite 

According to Google Maps the sign, which is on the junction between Stackhouse Street and Pavilion Road in Knightsbridge, it originally directed drivers to ‘turn left’.

In May 2016 the road sign clearly donates the left turn, but by September 2017 the mistake had been made.

Since then the sign had been corrected with black paint to cover the still clearly visible mistakes.

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