Elf’s £8 highlighter is called a ‘perfect dupe’ for Chanel’s £36 glow stick

When it comes to summer, most of us tend to have a bit of a makeup overhaul as we ditch our powder and matte products in favour of those that leave us with a glossy sheen.

Leaning into a more radiant, glowing complexion means we spend less time fighting the natural sheen that we get from added humidity, and instead make it a key part of our beauty look.

Swapping powders for creams and mattifying primers for dewy ones can all help embrace a radiant summer glow, and now there’s another product that’s got TikTokers going wild after it leaves an effortless dewy sheen on your skin.

The Elf Jelly Pop Glow Stick Melon-Aire, £8 here, has been lauded by TikTok users for its easy to use roll on stick that leaves you with a luminous glow, with some comparing it to the much more expensive Chanel Multi-Use Glow Stick, £36 here.

The Elf Glow Stick is a hydrating highlighting stick that adds a soft hint of colour and shimmer to your skin, with watermelon extract to help boost moisture to your skin.

Simply swipe the stick across the high points of your face, like your cheekbones and nose, after applying makeup to add an extra dose of radiance to your skin.

The Jelly Pop Glow Sitck is currently sold out everywhere thanks to its popularity and price point, but you can still pick it up as part of a bundle.

The Jelly Pop Juicy Melon Glow Set, £12 here, contains the glow stick as well as a Jelly Pop Dew Primer, which hydrates your skin and gives you a smooth, airbrushed ‘no makeup’ makeup look – perfect for either giving your makeup a dewy base, or for smoothing your skin whilst going makeup free.

TikTok userBambi Does Beautycompared the Elf glow stick with the more expensive Chanel version in one of her videos, noting that the Chanel stick has more of a wet-look, glossy finish, whilst the Elf one looks as though it has more of a shimmer to it that leaves more of a highlighted effect.

Followers flocked to the comments to share their verdict on the comparison, with many of them actually preferring the finish of the Elf product compared to Chanel's.

“The elf looks glowy Chanel looks oily,” wrote one, whilst another agreed: “For me the Chanel looks sweaty, the elf one is glowy. I have used 2 sticks of Elf already.”

It’s official; you can pack your powders away because we’re no longer fighting the humidity – it’s time to embrace a naturally radiant sheen.

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