Fans outraged as they spot controversial Cadbury chocolate for sale

Fans outraged as they spot controversial limited edition Cadbury chocolate for sale – as one rants: ‘This makes me want to abandon society’

  • Chocolate fans spot popular treat in B&M but insist it’s too early to stock them
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Sweet-toothed shoppers are in luck after eagle-eyed foodies revealed where you can buy a popular indulgent treat – even if it’s a bit too early for some.

Facebook page Newfoodsuk, who specialise in ‘finding the newest foods, treats and rare finds’, recently posted a picture of a five-pack of Creme Eggs, now available at budget retailer B&M. 

They captioned the post: ‘Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs, and Mini Egg Bars are now back at B&M Stores’. 

However, some shoppers were bemused to see the seasonal treats in stock in November in the chain, which has branches around the UK, with one saying it makes her want to ‘abandon society’. 

Users have taken to social media pictures of a festive Cadbury chocolate, usually reserved for Easter, in a B&M store

‘ Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs, and Mini Egg Bars have been spotted on sale at B&M  

While fans are keen to welcome Creme eggs back into their diets, they couldn’t help but poke fun at the retail giant for releasing the decadent delights in November.

One user asked: ‘What month are we in?’, while another joked: ‘Yay, nearly Easter’.

A different account explained: ‘My local newsagent has had a box of normal ones on the counter for a couple of weeks now! May as well be sold all year round!’, which prompted another user to quip: ‘So 4 weeks before Christmas makes it year round?’

Others also couldn’t get over B&M’s decision to stock the gooey chocolate sweets, with one saying: ‘It’s November ffs’ – and another moaned: ‘Before Christmas, really?’

Another quipped: ‘What next? Halloween? I guess it’s only 11 and a half months away’. 

And one fan also admitted: ‘They’re nice but it isn’t even Christmas’.

But some were excited to see the Creme Egg return with one announcing they had bought one that day.  

While fans were mostly keen to tuck into the gooey chocolate treats, they felt it was far too early to stock the ‘Easter eggs’

This comes shortly after chocolate fans we left devastated after Cadbury’s have ditched ‘they best chocolate they ever made’.

The Birmingham-based confectionary giant has discontinued the Peanut Caramel Crisp Bars, much to the upset of sweet-toothed foodies.

‘Peanut Caramel Crisp Bars have been discontinued,’ a spokesperson wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The bar was launched in April 2017 and at the time Cadbury’s Katrina Davison said: ‘The UK is going nuts for nuts.

‘We have once again made sure our fans can enjoy their favourite chocolate with a new taste and texture experience they will love’.

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