GLOW Has Been Canceled By Netflix, Will Not Return For A Final Season

Netflix has gone back on its decision to renew GLOW for a fourth and final season, canceling the show effective immediately.

The world remains in a state of uncertainty right now across the board. Some countries remain unsure whether they are about to face a second lockdown, while others are still in their first. The world of TV and movies has also been greatly affected, and with each passing day that movie theaters and sets remain closed, the more damage is done to certain projects.

The release of Tenet served as a test of sorts for the movie business, and as it stands, it appears to have failed that test. The studios behind movies such as Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 have further delayed their own movies’ release dates off the back of Tenet’s poor box office numbers. Waiting for a day when more theaters are open and restrictions have been eased.

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Just because more of us are at home binge-watching boxsets than ever before doesn’t mean business is necessarily booming for the medium. As sets remain closed, the likelihood of some shows returning for news seasons becomes smaller. GLOW, for example, will not be returning for a fourth and final season, as was reported by Deadline this week.

GLOW was originally renewed for one more season back in August 2019. However, those in charge of making that sort of decision could not have envisioned the position the world would be in 12 months later. The cast and crew of GLOW had been working on the show for three weeks back in March of this year before production was shut down. One episode was in the books and the second was underway.

GLOW creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch are understandably upset with the decision made by Netflix, but address that there are bigger things going on in the world right now. The delays to production would have meant season four of GLOW wouldn’t have made it to Netflix until at least 2022. The streaming service’s bosses decided that was simply too long a gap between seasons.

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