Here’s The Best Zoom Virtual Background For Your Zodiac Sign

Can I make a confession? For the past weeks of self-isolation, I’ve created quite a messy little cocoon for myself in my bedroom — my bed and floor are a constant pile of blankets, laundry, phone and laptop chargers, books I’m reading, snacks, and maybe even a craft project or two. So when it comes to hopping on Zoom calls with friends and co-workers, I have to strategically position my laptop to avoid said piles being the backdrop of my call. But honestly, appearing in front of a blank white wall isn’t much fun, either.

A high-tech but easy-to-achieve solution? Zoom virtual backgrounds — they’ll help you express your aesthetic, bring a smile to friends’ faces, and more functionally, hide a messy room. Zoom offers a wide selection of virtual backgrounds that you can choose from, but what’s more exciting is that you can also upload your own background image — meaning that the sky (or at least Google image search) is the limit when it comes to how and where you want to appear during your next Zoom chat.

With an endless number of images to choose from, what on Earth should your virtual background depict? If you’re fresh out of ideas, it’s helpful to look to astrology to point you in the right direction. Here’s the Zoom virtual background you should choose, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Party Scene From Your Favorite Classic Teen Movie

Your birthday season has been officially marred by coronavirus this year, and we know you didn’t get to celebrate as you planned. That said, bring the party to you by choosing a fun screenshot of your favorite teen movie rager as your virtual background. Might I suggest the classic "val party" from Clueless (where Tai gets hit in the head with a clog), or perhaps the graduation night rager from Can’t Hardly Wait?

Taurus: Flower Power

As a luxurious, Venus-ruled earth sign, you love your earthly pleasures, Taurus — and there’s nothing more naturally sensual and pleasing on the eyes than flowers. Choose a fun floral-filled virtual background on your next Zoom call to embrace the blooming energy of spring and brighten up everyone’s day. No need to frolic in a field of wildflowers when you can just bring it to your Zoom chat.

Gemini: Your Favorite Meme

Communication whiz that you are, you’re probably always caught up on the latest meme crazes — and with all of us stuck at home and spending more time on social media, chances are your friends are in on the jokes, too. Bring some virtual relevance to your next Zoom call by dropping a favorite meme into your virtual background. It’ll lighten the mood and can also serve as a great conversation starter for anyone who is unfamiliar with it.

Cancer: An Under-The-Sea Scene

We all know Cancers love The Little Mermaid — it’s just a universal law. As one of the zodiac’s water babies, ruled by the Moon, your connection to the ocean is deep, so embrace your sign’s element by choosing a fun under-the-sea themed background. Don’t want a screensaver-esque aquarium vibe? Dig a little deeper and find a trippy deep-sea scene instead.

Leo: Your Entourage

As the only sign ruled by the bright n’ shiny Sun, you’re sort of the celebrity of the zodiac, Leo — and you know it. While you may not be able to gallivant around town with your squad right now, you can create a virtual entourage to hang with you during your next Zoom call. Find funny pictures of your favorite celebs hanging out to make it look like you’re all kicking back together at the Chateaux Marmont. Alternately, want to take your Leo-ness to the next level? Make your Zoom background a selfie. I dare you.

Virgo: Pretty Patterns

With an unbeatable eye for detail and a love for orderliness, Zoom backgrounds are ideal for you — that way, you don’t have to worry about something in your home office being out of place. Keep things looking clean, fresh, and professional by choosing a nice quality pattern as your background. No need to virtually transplant yourself into a movie, beach scene, or anything too wild — try a clean geometric pattern or a pretty floral for a simple but classic look.

Libra: Fluffy Pink Sunset Clouds

Ruled by the planet Venus, you have a naturally defined aesthetic and are drawn to anything beautiful. Let’s just say you probably had a very well-curated Tumblr back in the day, Libra. Embrace your aesthetic air sign nature by making your virtual background a buoyant and fluffy pink sunset cloud image — it’ll look like you’re floating in a sky of cotton candy.

Scorpio: An Outer Space Scene

You may be a water sign, but Scorpio is all about exploring deep into life’s mysteries — and honestly, what’s more mysterious than the vast expanse of outer space? Your mind is already in another galaxy, so transport yourself into the outer edges of the universe by choosing a galactic, outer-space themed Zoom virtual background. Want to mix things up? Choose a screenshot from your favorite sci-fi movie or show instead for the same vibe but with a pop culture twist.

Sagittarius: The Dream Vacation Locale You’ll Be Hitting Post-Isolation

Sagittarians are known for having a permanent travel bug, so it’s not easy for such a free spirit to be cooped up at home with no plans to resume travel in the near future. That said, get your vacay on virtually by making your Zoom background an image of whatever dream destination you plan to hit the next time you do travel.

Capricorn: A Classical Painting

Capricorns have impeccable taste, so show off your art history smarts and your aesthetic sense by choosing a classic old painting or other art piece from the historical era of your choosing. Such a refined and antiquated virtual background will be totally unexpected and refreshing — and syncs up perfectly with your dry and smart sense of humor.

Aquarius: A Call To Action For A Humanitarian Cause

If you’ve got an opportunity to speak out about a social justice issue, the you’re going to take it, Aquarius — and virtual Zoom backgrounds offer you the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about an important cause to a captive audience. Choose a powerful image or something emblazoned with a concise slogan to help open up others’ eyes — and perhaps start a dialog about something meaningful.

Pisces: A Psychedelically-Groovy Oil Swirl

Otherworldly Pisces, you’re always swimming off into alternative realms of thought and experience. It’s hard to astral project when you’re trying to focus on a Zoom conversation, so bring the trippy, psychedelic vibe to the virtual realm by choosing a groovy, ’60s-esque oil projection swirl image as your virtual Zoom background. It’ll take everyone you chat with right back to the summer of love and transport them into another state of mind.

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