Hilaria Baldwin 'Most Definitely' Done Having Kids, But Isn't on Birth Control & Alec Hasn't Had Vasectomy

Hilaria — who shares seven children with husband Alec Baldwin — says that "sometimes" she's the actor's "mommy," while calling out "cruel" criticism of her life, large family and heritage.

Hilaria Baldwin is a mom of seven, and she’s now revealing whether or not she plans to have more children in the future.

In a new interview with Romper, published Wednesday, the yoga instructor — who shares her kids with husband Alec Baldwin — said she believes she’s done having kids, while also opening up about their forms of birth control … or lack thereof.

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Hilaria, 39, and Alec, 65, have welcomed seven children together: Carmen, 9, Rafael, 8, Leonardo, 6, Romeo, 5, Eduardo, 2, Marilu, 2, and Ilaria, 9 months. (Alec is also dad to daughter Ireland Baldwin, 27, who recently welcomed her first child last month, making Alec and Hilaria grandparents.)

“This is probably, most definitely, almost completely my last baby,” Hilaria told Romper, which noted that she said it with a smile. “I’m always afraid to say it. I was putting away my maternity clothes recently and was like, ‘I’m afraid to give them away, because then I’ll find out I’m pregnant.'”

However, the author revealed Alec hasn’t had a vasectomy yet, and said she’s not on birth control, noting that it makes her feel “awful” and “depressed.”

“Every single time I have a baby, my OB writes down the vasectomy doctor on a Post-It, and I bring it home to Alec,” she said with a laugh. “He hasn’t done it yet.”

Hilaria admitted that while she isn’t a huge fan of being pregnant, she said she “love[s] giving birth.”

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“This last time around, I pushed her out in a minute!” she recalled. “Giving birth is like going down a water slide that’s really scary. And then you get to the bottom, and you’re like, ‘I want to do this again.'”

Elsewhere in the profile, Hilaria — who described having children as “creating love” — said she enjoys taking care of others, including her husband.

“Am I his mommy?” she said with a laugh. “Sometimes I’m his mommy. Sometimes. At the beginning of our relationship, everyone was like, ‘She must have daddy issues because she’s married to somebody older.’ But it’s actually the opposite.”

Meanwhile, Hilaria also addressed the criticism and backlash she has received, including criticism about her life, large family and heritage. “It is a ridiculous thing to be cruel to another person,” she told Romper, speaking generally.

This comes a little over a week after Amy Schumer roasted Hilaria in her new Netflix standup special, Emergency Contact.

The comedian revived the 2020 controversy regarding Hilaria’s background, calling her a “sociopath.” Amy also compared Hilaria and Alec’s family of nine to the Von Trapp family, and mentioned the 2021 shooting that occurred on the set of Alec’s film Rust, which resulted in the accidental death of Halyna Hutchins, during her set.

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