Homeowner reveals shock at discovering a raised bed could be a grave

New homeowner fears there’s a GRAVE in her garden after discovering a headstone on top of what she thought was a ‘raised flowerbed’

  • Family revealed how they’d bought a new house back in April but only just began sorting out the garden as the weather improved
  • Realised ‘a raised flower-bed’ in the garden wasn’t actually positioned in the sun 
  • Mumsnet user revealed they then made an unnerving discovery on top of bed 
  • A grey memorial stone that reads: ‘In loving memory of a special son’ 
  • Owner is now trying to trace the family and says she wouldn’t remove the grave if that’s what it is

A new homeowner has revealed how she got the shock of her life after making a chilling discovery in the overgrown garden of her new home. 

The Mumsnet user, ‘Isisatomb?’, posted about her fears that she’s unwittingly bought a property with a grave in the back garden, after she discovered a memorial stone. 

The anonymous user shared two photos of the macabre discovery and revealed that she had thought there was a raised flowerbed in her backyard when purchasing the property, but after discovering the memorial plaque, is no longer so sure. 

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Grave? A homeowner has revealed how they assumed a raised area of their new garden was a flowerbed, until they made an eerie discovery – and realised the sun never shone on it

On top of the ‘raised bed’, which the family realised didn’t actually get any sunlight, was laid this stone, which read ‘In loving memory of a special son’

She wrote: ‘Moved in to my house in April and it has what I thought is a really ugly raised bed in the garden. 

Now the summer has arrived, I’ve realised it gets no sunshine on it at all so isn’t a raised bed after all.

‘DD and I were pottering our there this afternoon and we came across this plaque on the raised bed. WTF. Is it a coincidence or is it a grave?!’

Sharing two images from the garden, the first clearly shows a raised area hemmed in by concrete slabs. The second shows the memorial stone that lies on the bed, which reads ‘In loving memory of a special son.’

Later, she added that she was trying to track down whether it was a grave site from neighbours in the area.    

She wrote: ‘If it turns out that he is buried there, in body or ashes then I’ll restore it and make something nice of the area. If not I’ll take it down and put the plaque under my cherry tree so he won’t be forgotten. 

‘I wouldn’t disturb the dead if I knew they were definitely in there, especially the grave of a child.’

Mumsnet users were equally unnerved by the tale. 

Thefemalekeithrichards wrote: ‘Crikey….that’s really creepy but possibly just a memorial garden?’ 

Runningintothesunset added: ‘If it is a grave it should have been marked in the deeds of your house! I think it’s probably a memorial garden. Are there any neighbours around who’ve been there a while who would know?’  

Tigerbandage added: ‘You can legally bury a body in your garden, but if you bought it I’m pretty sure the solicitor should have found this out.’ 

Others tried to find a logical explanation for the discovery, saying it could be a ‘septic tank’.

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