Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 20

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Your dissatisfaction with a current situation needs to be resolved or you are never going to feel completely at ease. If you’re growing bored with your usual crowd, you could always spread yourself around more, meet new people or get involved with new interests. You have never been able to stick to the same routine for very long.


A partner or colleague could not have made the achievements they have done without your help. The more successful they become, the more nervous you will start to feel when it is becoming obvious your contribution is not and never will be acknowledged. It is time to take a more independent line.


Be careful not to expect too much from others or from an agreement reached today. Progress may be slow. Be prepared to be patient. Curb a need to force an issue. Trying to do too much at once could lead to an unsettling situation.


Your ability to know how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes will help you respond to them in a way that brings ease and even a little comfort. People don’t have to give lengthy accounts of how they are feeling as you can sense it already.


Someone expects you to be mad at them for something. It will take them by surprise when you laugh it off as a genuine mistake. You’re feeling so generous and warm-hearted that you could forgive anyone for almost anything. Your mood is having a positive effect on all relationships.


Refusing to discuss what is on your mind will cause confusion and uncertainty. A partner will not know where they stand with you. Talk about your feelings. Be honest with each other. Spending quality time together is the key to building stronger and better relationships.


A partner or close friend has become accustomed to always getting their own way. You might admit, when you look back on this relationship, that your efforts to keep everything harmonious and balanced has given them a chance to control your life. You cannot keep allowing people to manipulate you in this way.


Pay attention to conversations and to the body language of those around you. There could be more to a word, query or small gesture than you first realise. Someone is trying to tell you something but they’re struggling to find the right way to do this. Normally your intuition is spot-on but today you may not notice.


You won’t be happy to find a partner or close friend checking your text messages and emails. This is an invasion of your privacy and all of a sudden this relationship makes you feel stifled and uncertain. It doesn’t matter how close you happen to be, they should respect your privacy.


Someone will prove you wrong in an argument. This will be embarrassing. Admitting you made a mistake and apologising will be the fastest way to move on. It takes courage to acknowledge you were wrong in your beliefs, attitude or behaviour. People will respect your honesty.


A partner or close friend expects you to be constantly at their beck and call. There is too much taking and not enough giving on their side. You’re trying to work out how to get this relationship back in balance. You might start by reminding them that you aren’t their servant.


You’re about to be asked to make an important choice or decision. Before having to do this, you should consider what you really want for yourself for the future. What do you want to do and who do you want to share this experience with?

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