Hot mum flaunts crop top and says men should date blondes with green eyes

When it comes to dating, everyone has a type.

It's safe to say that different appearances are more likely to turn you on dependent on your taste. From personality traits that get your heart pounding or being lovestruck by their enchanting eyes, many like to date what they're familiar with.

But this one self-proclaimed 'hot' mum decided to put a case across for herself and women who share the same characteristics. Jane Jules, who used to be known as I'm Fit Jen, often posts titillating clips on her TikTok which rack up thousands of views.

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The single parent isn't afraid of stripping down to her lingerie, and the sentiment remained the same a recent clip. In the TikTok video, the blonde bombshell sat on the side of her bed as she rocked a blue thong that fastened with two ties on either hip.

Jane paired this with a striped crop top that cheekily revealed the top of her cleavage. She then bent down which exposed her naughty butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

She also popped back up as she bit her lip and fiddled with her long blonde tresses all while flaunting her toned figure. "Why you date blondes with green eyes," Jane teased in the sexy clip.

Well, she certainly put a good case across! One of her followers took to the comment section to post a winky face emoji and a love heart to admire the green eyed beauty.

But, it's not the first time that dating has been on Jane's mind. The mum previously shared that fans asked her how she could be single and explained that her Instagram answers the question…

Elsewhere, the mum caused controversy after she wore a skin-tight outfit to Disneyland Paris. Jane decided to wear a baby pink unitard – without a bra underneath. Despite looking sensational in the number, not everyone thought it was appropriate for an environment where children are present.

She cheekily stuck her tongue out in the video.

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