How the Lannister twins actually won ‘Game of Thrones’

Spoilers below for the “Game of Thrones” series finale.

The Starks might have emerged triumphant on “Game of Thrones,” with Sansa as Queen in the North and Bran as King of the Realm — but the Lannister twins are the real winners.

Yes, it’s true that they’re dead. Sorry, conspiracy theorists who thought they survived the collapse of the Keep — but the show took the time to show their bodies. Unless a Red Priest wanders by, they are dead.

But consider this: since Brienne wrote about Jaime Lannister’s heroic deeds in the Kingsguard book (aka the Book of Brothers), essentially filling in his Wikipedia page for future generations, he’s going to be remembered unambiguously as a hero.

Thanks to Brienne, the last word on him is — “died protecting his Queen.” While this is technically accurate, it’s also an amusing understatement. It fails to convey the reality of the circumstance. Because “died protecting the sister-lover he had a twisted relationship with” apparently doesn’t fit on the page. Jaime Lannister was indeed a hero — he saved everyone in King’s Landing from the Mad King. It would have meant a lot to him to be remembered as one.

But he was also a messy, complicated guy who had a truly screwed up relationship with his sister-lover and did many horrible things for her. So he’d also be amused to know this. It’s not untrue, but it is ironic, that the future citizens of Westeros will remember him just as a hero, without his complications.

Cersei, on the other hand, is even funnier. Objectively in life she was not a good Queen. She didn’t care about her people and she murdered many of them with Wildfyre in order to ascend. However, her final act was giving them refuge in the Red Keep. Daenerys attacked them unprovoked, after they rung the bells of surrender. So hilariously, within the world of Westeros, Cersei might be remembered as a decent Queen to future generations.

And of course, the last remaining Lannister, Tyrion, is part of the new power structure, and arguably the shadow ruler of the whole thing, just as his father Tywin once was.

So despite their House being destroyed, despite their deaths, the Lannister Lions….kind of won the game, in the end.

The Lannisters send their regards.

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