How to get a free pint or gin and tonic in a pub this weekend

PUNTERS can pick up a free pint this weekend at over 2,000 pubs across the UK – but you'll need to download a voucher first.

Pub groups Ei Publican Partnerships, Star Pubs & Bars and Punch Taverns have teams up to give away a free drink to anyone over 18 who can show a valid online voucher.

You'll need to sign up on the mobile website via your phone or tablet in order to get the freebie and then show it to a member of staff.

Customers have to register themselves first so you have to fill in a few personal details such as your name, date of birth and email address.

It's all in aid of Great British Pubs National Pub Fortnight, which is designed to get you down to your local boozer.

You can choose from Foster's, Strongbow, Strongbow Dark Fruit, John Smith's, Kronenbourg, Amstel, Heineken, Maltsmiths IPA, Maltsmiths lager or an Old Mout.

How many units of alcohol are in your drink?

The amount of units in your drink depends upon the size of the bottle and the strength of the alcohol. Here are some rough measurements: 

  • Standard glass of wine – 2.1 units
  • Pint of low strength beer – 2 units
  • Pint of high strength beer – 3 units
  • Bottle of lager – 1.7 units
  • Can of lager – 2 units
  • Alcopop – 1.5 units
  • Single spirit and mixer – 1 unit

Or if you're not a beer fan, you can opt for a Gordon's gin and tonic, Pepsi Max or a J20.

The offer is valid until August 4, but unfortunately there's only 100,000 free drinks available so you might not want to hang around or risk missing out.

Each customer is only entitled to one freebie and exactly what you can get depends on whether it's stocked or not in your local.

Pubs that have run out of their free allocation will be removed from the postcode finder.

You can find your nearest Great British Pubs chain by using the locator tool here.

Of course, you should always drink responsibly – for more information you should visit the Drinkaware website.

A Wetherspoons fan has developed a website that ranks every drink by alcohol-to-price ratio.

Those who'd rather enjoy a tipple at home will be interested to know that Aldi gins won the top prize in world-renowned competition and they all cost under £16 a bottle.

If you're wondering how much alcohol you can drink in a week or when it's safe to get behind the wheel then read our guide to your alcohol percentages explained.

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