How To Make The Foam Mirror From TikTok For The Cutest Mirror Selfies

TikTok is the place to find dance trends and funny memes, but it’s also the perfect inspiration for a sweet home makeover. Along with the latest challenges and viral trends, you can find the cool foam mirror DIY project, among others, which would look super cute on any wall in your space. However, despite watching video after video on your For You page, you’re still wondering how to make the foam mirror from TikTok and all over social media.

The first step in making your very own #FoamMirror is to find a mirror you want to transform into a trendy and functional art piece. If you don’t already have one, get yourself a simple mirror ($15, IKEA) without too much of a border, or a small wall mirror ($12, Urban Outfitters). Now that you have the mirror, it’s time to get the foam for your foam mirror DIY project.

Purchase a few cans of insulating foam depending on how big your project will be ($8, Home Depot). Don’t forget gloves ($5, Target) and a mask ($13, Target) for safety, and you’re all set to begin your crafting adventure. Once you have your finished product ready to display in your room, snap a few mirror selfies to post to the ‘gram. You might even want to document your whole progress on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to inspire someone else to join the foamily.

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1. Get The Perfect Crafting Setup Outside

Since the foam can get a little messy, it’s best to take your craft project outdoors. To catch any extra mess, this YouTuber set up big pieces of cardboard underneath the mirror. You’ll also want to test a few patches to get the right spray technique and see if the color is what you are looking for.

2. Get Acrylic Paint To Make Your Foam Your Fave Color

While white foam creates the perfect cloud illusion, there’s a way to make your foam any color you want. All you need to do is paint your foam with some acrylic paint ($8, Arteza). It may be a bit time-consuming, but if it’s the color you want, it will be so worth the effort.

3. Or, Try Spray Painting Your Foam

If you don’t have time to hand paint your new foam mirror, you can always try spray painting it. You can keep your outdoor crafting setup for this, and always make sure your foam has fully dried before you start painting. Cover up the mirror with newspaper and tape, and go to town spray painting ($7, Michaels) your foam edges with your color of choice.

4. Decorate Your Mirror To Match Your Selfie Vibe

A foam mirror in the corner is just the start to your very own mirror selfie setup. You can decorate around your mirror to give it the exact vibes your going for. This TikTok user added some cute butterflies ($12, Michaels) to the foam and set up fake greenery ($16, Urban Outfitters) around for a super cute aesthetic and mirror selfie.

5. Create A Cloud Tray With Your Foam

Try making a simple cloud tray if you don’t have the space for a full length mirror. This DIY just requires a small round mirror ($2, Michaels). Try to get one that will fit perfectly on your coffee table. Spray your foam in a zigzag pattern around your mirror, and let it dry outside. Then, you’ll have a cute cloud tray that can be used to display bowls of snacks for movie night or your fave candle.

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