I found a British pub on random Thai island – the pint was worth every penny

It's easy to feel homesick – especially when you're on the other side of the world.

From language barriers to the weather, it can be difficult to adapt.

But a big homesickness trigger for many is the difference in cuisine.

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So when keen globe-trotter Fern stumbled across a British pub on an island in Thailand, she knew she hit the jackpot.

In a viral TikTok clip, the adventure-seeker documented her visit to the 'traditional' boozer – but with better weather and palm trees.

"When we heard there is a random English pub on an island in Thailand we of course had to go there and have a pint of Thatchers," Fern explained.

"It would be rude to not.

"I never ever thought these words would come out my mouth but after four months of travelling South East Asia I actually started to miss English food."

Fern headed to 'The Tavern' on the island of Ko Pha-Ngan to experience a taste of home with a pint and some pub grub.

"It is decorated exactly like a traditional English pub to an absolute T if I'm honest," she said.

"It's got every little nook and cranny that you would find in a dodge little pub in England."

Fern then ordered a pint of Thatchers in a can for around £4 – a little on the pricey side for cider in Thailand as it would have to be imported.

The traveller said it was "worth every penny."

She then had a vegan version of the classic fish and chips with mushy peas that only cost her £4.50.

Although it might look like a British pub, it certainly is a lot cheaper than the real deal!

Amazed at the authenticity of the boozer, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person commented: "Bet it's decent when England are on."

Another user chuckled: "Minus the dirty patterned carpet and sticky tables it looks spot on."

While a third voiced: "Thatchers being cheaper there than in some places in Somerset."

Someone else shared: "I’ve been there!! Literally cried eating a roast dinner."

Meanwhile, a fifth related: "This place is the best! We had a roast on Sunday, felt like I was back in a cosy Cornish pub again.

"Could have stayed all day!"

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