I get paid to party – the job is glamorous but harder than you think

An atmosphere model revealed what the job entails – and how it’s much more complicated than one may think.

Pamela Trippin is an influencer who moved from Mexico City to the US when she was four and now resides in California.

While she lives a life of luxury and attends glamorous parties now, this hasn’t been the case as she once struggled with her weight and self-worth.

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Pamela told Daily Star in an exclusive chat: “One thing about me is I’m a transformational person. I started with nothing and now I’ve turned myself into something.

“I was just over my life, I weighed 160lbs and I lost 45lbs and I decided to be an atmosphere model.

“When I tell you I was over my life and the way it was going, I’m serious, I quit drinking, I quit smoking for a long time and I fixed my diet, lost weight and got a nose job.

“I really did change everything about me to become the girl I wanted to be.

“I’ve just been through a transformational period and it’s cool to see it.”

For those who don’t know, atmosphere models are the beautiful people hired to make events and parties more exciting.

These models may socialise with guests at nightclubs, charity fundraisers, poker tournaments, corporate conventions and restaurant openings, you name it!

“I would describe it as being like when people hire princesses for people’s birthday parties and they have to play a character, it’s pretty much the same thing, just at different events,” she explained.

“It could be something as simple as you passing out flyers and they just want you to look good while doing it.”

While Pamela is unable to disclose how much she earns from the job, the brunette bombshell said it pays her well enough to live a comfortable life.

According to information online, some atmosphere models can make £80 an hour or more just for attending events, conventions and parties.

This can mean earning £240 to £400 a night for socialising. Some atmosphere models work part-time, earning as much in a few nights as they do in a week at their day jobs.

“It’s not my dream job but it is a fun one and I love the fashion, being able to wear all of these fun crazy outfits,” Pamela shared.

“I came to the US when I was four and I didn’t think that any of this life would be possible – the glamorous fun, fashion and makeup – so I think my dream job has always just been showing girls of colour, particularly Latinas, that this is all possible if you work hard and you dedicate yourself to your craft."

She went on: “I feel like I want to inspire and show girls of colour my fashion and hopefully inspire all girls to be confident and who out and have fun, that’s really my dream job.”

Pamela loves that her job as an atmosphere model allows her to play different characters while also incorporating her love for fashion.

The work also helps her keep her followers up to date with her life as she enjoys posting about what she gets up to.

The California girl loves fashion and atmosphere modelling is a way for her to connect with the world, express herself through clothing and get paid for it.

“This is a side hustle for me, it isn’t the only thing I want to be known for but I do understand it’s something people are curious about,” she said.

“Now would I recommend this job to a girl who’s asking if she should do this as a career? If she signs with an agency I think it could be super fun."

She concluded: “She’ll probably make a lot of cool friends, she’s going to have a blast, I just think that the problem comes with it being freelance work and you don’t have a manager.

“It’s important for people to sign contracts for safety and all of that. This is a really fun job but you have to be into partying and if that’s not your thing, especially if you’re sober partying, you have to be a highly energetic person to do this job.”

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