I run UK’s biggest strip club and pole dancers deserve more credit

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    A model turned strip club owner believes people are ignorant as to how intelligent racy dancers have to be to succeed.

    Scouser Amy Gwynn runs Rude in Liverpool's city centre.

    And she spoke to Daily Star after launching pole dancing classes to the public for fitness and self confidence.

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    The ambitious mum-of-four said working with strippers keeps her young and she encourages them to be proud of their job.

    She said: “Dancers are not given the credit they deserve. They are very underestimated people.

    “But I’m really grateful to be around the girls. I call it a double life. I have been doing this since I was 22 and I’m 35 now. I feel like I can still have conversations with 20-year-olds and know what they are talking about.

    “I feel like it keeps me young, it’s exciting. It’s a completely different world and the girls are fantastic. And I always say there is nothing like walking into a changing room with 20 half naked girls, there is no openness in the world like it.

    "You walk in, there is no judgement, and you feel like you can talk about anything.”

    The former model added: “It’s the most empowering feeling in the world. When you go into normal life it is so different, it is not the same. But I get to live in that world where we just have a laugh and we can celebrate ourselves and each other.

    “And as I get older I am able to be there for them and advise them through my own experiences and that always makes you feel good. Just being around the girls makes me feel really lucky.”

    Amy has managed Rude for 12 years and has transformed an industry that is traditionally controlled by men.

    And during the past decade she has had first-hand experience of how smart the stunning strippers are.

    She explained: “You have to learn the power of manipulation and how to suss out who has got money, who hasn’t and for any girl it is a fantastic life skill to have. For one you are incredibly confident and you have a team of girls around you boosting you every single night.

    “They are like sisters and if you are going through problems or not feeling yourself you have a group of girls there reminding you how wonderful you are. It gives you that confidence and it also teaches you to get what you want. That’s a skill women take with them into the rest of their lives.

    “People don’t understand the industry and there is an ignorance towards it. Those who don’t go to strip clubs will naturally assume like I did that they all have a tiny waist and huge fake boobs and it’s not like that at all.”

    Amy added: “That’s why I think girls maybe feel embarrassed about being open about what their job is when they should be proud of it. They have a lot of funny stories to tell and they live hilarious and fantastic lives but feel like they have to keep it to themselves.

    “That’s why it was important for me to step forward in the industry because I can’t preach to these girls week in week out about being proud of what you do and what you are if I am not prepared to stand out for them and do that. Me doing that encourages them and gives them the reassurance they need.”

    The business owner is now planning to expand Rude by opening a gentleman's club in London too.

    She described it as her “huge goal” and she is currently reviewing offers in place.

    But her most recent achievement was implementing the Rude Girl Studio to women who want to learn how to pole dance.

    Talking about the addition, she said: “The response has been amazing because I think at the moment whether you’re interested in stripping or not, pole dancing is very much a new trendy fitness craze.

    “People are realising the benefits behind it, you are using all your muscles and you are lifting your whole body and it’s something you can have fun with.

    “Straight away courses were sold out and I was quite surprised because we’ve had some girls who have come in and they are really really good. We’ve got beginner classes and even classes where you don’t even touch the pole.

    “It’s a massive range from young girls in their early 20s who are really interested in pole dancing and wanting to learn and there are older women too who are coming purely for the health benefits.”

    Despite her enormous success, Amy is not one to give herself a pat on the back and she prefers looking forward instead of backwards.

    She concluded: “I am quite critical of myself and in my personal life I am so busy that I never stop to celebrate.

    “But I feel I don’t do that because I’m not finished and not content with everything yet. Maybe one day when I feel like I have ticked everything off, I think I will know when I’m done and I can sit back and say job done but at the moment I’m still going.”


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