I started selling sexy videos to afford a bus ticket – now I drive a Porsche

A adult actress decided to sell racy snaps and videos as she was unable to afford a bus ticket for her kids.

And the business move definitely paid off for Rebecca Goodwin, who is now a millionaire. Never mind the bus fare either, as she also whizzes around in a Porsche.

The 28-year-old, from Chesterfield, England, turned to the adult entertainment industry in the hope it would help her support her two children. The mother-of-two was struggling to pay her bills or buy baby formula so relied on food stamps to feed her family.

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But after years of struggling, the mum hit breaking point. She couldn't afford a weekly bus ticket to be able to get her kids to school – so, she took to OnlyFans hoping she would make some quick money.

Speaking about it on the Happy Hour podcast, Rebecca said: "I was doing it literally to buy a bus Megarider – like an all week ticket to get my kids to school on that. That's why I started it, but it just blew up. I'd never in a million years expected to make the money that I've made from it."

The decision ultimately changed the course of her whole life. Within the first month, she managed to make over £1,500 – double what she was getting on Universal Credit – and it just continued to grow up to £12,000 a month.

Her profits skyrocketed when she got a boob job, seeing her earn £40,000 a month – an amount which she managed to make overnight from a video going viral on TikTok.

She added: "There was one TikTok that I did that blew up massively and I didn't sleep this night that night at all. You could see the correlation between subscribers and the views on the TikTok.

"And I made £42,000 in one night, like from one TikTok going viral. But that was when you could have the link in your bio on TikTok. You can't do that now."

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Now, the mum has earned over £2million via the subscription service, making £100,000 a month from travelling the world to shoot X-rated videos and porn-parodies of famous movies and TV shows. Her most recent being Doctor Ooh, which is being released ahead of the 60th anniversary of the BBC's Doctor Who.

She now owns and manages properties to support low income families. As well as this, she never has to worry about affording public transport again now she drives a Porsche.

TikTok users were stunned by how dramatically her life has changed as they took to the comments to praise her journey. One user said: "Rebecca Goodwin is a legend she's done so much good from her choice of career those who slate her are so built up with hate."

Another commented: "She’s an unreal business woman, love her." A third wrote: "Fair play to her."

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