Im 49 and tried on sexy Hooters uniform – people think Im a lot younger

A 49-year-old woman rocked a sexy Hooters uniform – and people can't believe her age.

Age-defying Janie has racked up quite the following on TikTok for her youthful glow and bold tattoo designs.

Not far off her 50th, the self-proclaimed 'goddess' has not let this stop her dressing how she wants to.

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And so she decided to try on the risqué staff clobber that the waitresses of the American chain have to wear.

In a recent clip posted to her 48,000 adoring fans, Janie rocked the white skin-tight tank top that accentuated her busty chest.

Of course, she paired the Hooters owl branded tee with the infamous orange booty shorts.

Scantily clad Janie wowed in the teeny uniform that showcased her slim figure while she revealed her inked arms and thighs.

She finished the look with a glam makeup that featured a seductive red lip.

"Me, a 49-year-old tattooed woman, after putting on a Hooters uniform", she wrote in the clip.

However, sizzling hot Janie did not have high hopes for a career at the restaurant.

"I don’t think they’d hire me", the 49-year-old said.

Left in shock at Janie's age, many people fled to the comments to swoon over the beauty.

One person commented: "Look amazing for 49."

Another user added: "You look so young."


While a third voiced: "Lol you have renewed my faith that there are still beautiful women my age!"

Someone else expressed: "49 yeah ok I don't believe you."

Meanwhile, a fifth fan declared: "No way you 49. 27 I'd say max."

But, one user implied that she does not need to age to show off her good looks, as she is 'gorgeous' regardless.

They wrote: "Sorry, but why play the I am a Milf card when you obviously not?

"You are gorgeous enough already."

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