I'm trapped in a relationship with somebody who I call my 'pandemic boyfriend'

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M trapped in a relationship with somebody who I call my “pandemic boyfriend”.

We got together when we were moved away from our families into hospital nursing quarters to help with coronavirus.

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I’m a nurse of 28 and he’s 26 and a porter.

At the peak of Covid, we would be shattered after our shifts but would share some wine together in one of our rooms, which led to sleepovers and sex.

When things eased, I decided to get an apartment of my own but my colleague assumed he could move with me too.

He’s here all the time. I feel horrible when he touches me now. I feel cramped and trapped and this isn’t what I want but I haven’t got the heart to tell him.

DEIDRE SAYS: You are giving him false hope that you have a future together – so it will be better to tell him it’s over.

Explain you value him as a friend and you’ve enjoyed your time together, but you now need your own space.

My support pack called Ending A Relationship will help you to find the right words to let him down in a firm but kind way.

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