Inside the Montecito private school Archie and Lili could attend

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live in a stunning mansion in Montecito, California, with their children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one. Montecito is a town in the Santa Barbara county of California, and is home to a host of celebrities and wealthy figures. Due to this reason, the town has a good selection of schools.

When they are old enough, it is possible Archie and Lili could attend Laguna Blanca school as it is not far from their family home. It is also one of the best schools in the area.

The school opened in 1933 and has a reputation for success. One of its glowing statistics is that 100 percent of Laguna graduates attend college, or university.

The school is both a primary and high school, or as Americans say, a lower school, middle school, and upper school.

There are two campuses and many sport facilities – perfect for Archie and Lili to try out new hobbies when they are a little older.

As with every private school, there are fees, and Laguna Blanca’s tuition fees are expensive.

For children only just starting school to grade six, fees are $31,440 a year, currently equivalent to £27,812.

For seven to 12 graders, fees are $37,700, or £33,350.

On its website, Laguna Blanca said: “In and outside of the classroom, we create meaningful experiences that are true to our mission and help students develop a sense of the world around them.”

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Another school in the Montecito area that could be a potential choice for Archie and Lili is Crane Country School.

Opened in 1928, the school has built up an exclusive clientele since. The average class size is 15 pupils, and there is a ratio of seven students to one teacher.

This means each pupil is given the attention they require.

The school’s website explained: “Crane Country Day School is dedicated to providing an experiential education characterized by a thoughtful balance of academic challenge and creative expression. We thrive as a community that builds character and confidence, while celebrating the joy in learning.”

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As for tuition fees at Crane, from first grade to fifth grade, parents are expected to pay a whopping $32,750, or £28,970.

From sixth grade onwards, fees are slightly higher, at $35,500, or £31,403.

In her interview with The Cut last month, Meghan spoke about her children’s eduaction, revealing why she wanted them to go to school in the US, and not the UK.

Interviewer Allison P. Davis said: “Earlier in our conversation about her goals for the life she’s creating here, she’d remarked upon how, if Archie were in school in the UK, she’d never be able to do school pickup and drop-off without it being a royal photo call with a press pen of 40 people snapping pictures.”

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According to parenting expert Gifty Enright, it seems Meghan and Harry are well-rounded parents who want their children to both succeed academically and have fun while they are growing up.

Gifty previously told “Harry is a fun dad – we have seen clips of Harry on the beach in Montecito with Archie doing normal dad things which show his playful side which we are all familiar with in his well-publicised antics as a child growing up.

“Harry also pointed in an interview with James Corden that Archie’s first word was ‘crocodile’ and he was at pains to point out it was three syllables. We have also seen clips of Meghan reading to Archie. This shows that the pair are interested in the education and the intellectual development of their children.”

The parenting expert added: “It is clear that both Meghan and Harry are determined to attempt to raise their children in the most normal way they can manage in the rarefied circles in which they live. Although the Sussexes will try and give their children as normal a childhood as possible, let’s face it, the most that they can hope for is a unique childhood because their circumstances are far from normal.”

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