Isaac Hempstead-Wright Opens Up About Bran on GOT: "I Genuinely Thought It Was a Joke"

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale.

Brandon Freakin’ Stark, King of the Six Kingdoms and undeniably the last person we thought to rule Westeros. While all of the Stark siblings have grown over the last eight seasons of Game of Thrones, Bran’s transition from the little curious kid pushed out of a window, to a Three-Eyed Raven, to the actual king is a huge surprise. Even actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright couldn’t believe it. Following the polarizing series finale of GOT, Hempstead-Wright opened up about Bran’s fate, and he’s hilariously honest about the ending.

“When I got to the [Dragonpit scene] in the last episode and they’re like, ‘What about Bran?’ I had to get up and pace around the room,” Hempstead-Wright told Entertainment Weekly. “I genuinely thought it was a joke script and that [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] sent everyone a script with their own character ends up on the Iron Throne. ‘Yeah, good one guys. Oh sh*t, it’s actually real?'”

We were just as confused as the 20-year-old actor, but he admits he’s definitely “happy.” Hempstead-Wright confessed, “Though I kind of did want to die and get in one good death scene with an exploding head or something.” With all the season eight deaths, it’s probably a good thing he stayed in Winterfell until after Daenerys is killed.

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