Jeff Bezos Reclaims Title Of Richest Man From Elon Musk

Jeff Bezos might no longer be the CEO of Amazon, but being the world’s richest person is a pretty solid replacement title. The titan behind the online shopping giant reclaimed the richest rank from fellow billionaire Elon Musk Tuesday on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Jeff and Elon had been neck-in-neck for quite sometime, but the latest rankings set Bezos’s wealth at just around $1 billion more than his space-age competitor. A report from CNN noted that Musk, amid a stock market drop of 2.4% for his car company, saw his net worth drop to $190 billion.

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Don’t cry for Musk, though. If he were to divide his overall worth with every human being in America, we could all afford a PS5, with every man, woman, and child getting just under $600. Whether Sony could produce enough consoles would be a different question altogether.

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The ongoing race between Musk and Bezos has been something that many onlookers have been following for quite some time and, earlier this month, Elon surpassed Bezos for the first time. It was the first time in three years that King Jeff of the Amazon had fallen from the perch that he has since reclaimed.

The rest of the top ten on Bloomberg’s index read like a list of the elite. From the third position on, the listing includes Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault, Mark Zuckerberg, Zhong Shanshan, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Warren Buffett, and Steve Ballmer.

To get an idea of the massive wealth that Bezos and Musk can claim, one only has to note that the third name on the list, Bill Gates, is worth $138 Billion. What that means is that the amount separating number three Gates from second place Musk is more than the entire wealth of the Tadashi Yanai, the Japanese retail magnate who checks in at #26 on the list.

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Two weeks ago, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be leaving his Amazon CEO post later this year to hand the reigns over to the company’s chief cloud executive, Andy Jassy. Although he would no longer be the Chief Executive Officer, Bezos would remain on with his company as the executive chairman of Amazon’s board.

The 57 year old billionaire first founded Amazon in 1994, long before the days of wi-fi made online shopping a staple of society. Since then, he has overseen its explosion from online bookstore to all-encompassing retail marketplace, gadget leader, and streaming service. Last January, under Jeff’s leadership, the company surpassed a $1 trillion market cap. Today, it’s worth more than $1.6 trillion.

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