Jeremy Hunt: What business did he run? ‘Entrepreneur’ in ITV debate made £14 million

Jeremy Hunt left many wondering what business he ran after he called himself an entrepreneur in the ITV debate against Boris Johnson.

What is his history in business?

Jeremy began three start up businesses, all of which failed.

One such venture including an attempt to sell marmalade in Japan, exporting the orange derivative.

Jeremy Hunt: What business did he run? ‘Entrepreneur’ in ITV debate made £14 million

Since he had some success in business, co-founding a PR agency, which he later sold off.

He then went on to create Hotcourses, a business which helps students decide where to study abroad. This company was sold for over £30 million, personally making Jeremy £14 million.

Jeremy Hunt began his career in parliament in 2005.

He is currently the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, but he is hoping to become Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s Brexit approaches are a huge part of the debate tonight, unsurprisingly. 

Mr Johnson said: “We can deliver Brexit ourselves and get the job done.”

Mr Hunt says “we have a chance of a deal”, but the EU could reciprocate an ultra “hardline approach”.

He said: “It is about understanding the deal.”

Boris Johnson has been projected to be the prime minister to win a general election. 

It has been claimed he would lead the Conservatives to a 40 seat majority.

Body language expert Judi James said: “There were times during this energetic debate when the two men were placed together via split screen and their naughty grins, attacking banter and eye-rolling gestures to the audience made them look like the political version of Ant and Dec.

“Boris performed as though he was in a Shakesperian play, trying to rouse and inspire via some arm-waving, stabbing points and explosive verbals.

“During his opening speech he used no less than eight air-punches with his clunking fists, presumably to get the audience behind him in the fight for Brexit.

“He spoke through questions rather than answering them then in between volleys he stood with both hands shoved in his pockets like a naughty schoolboy.

“Hunt was very much the adult of the night, considered and direct with raised brows and rounded eyes suggesting forensic thinking.”

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