Kardashian doppelganger is called out for using racial slurs

British-Pakistani influencer who rose to fame for looking like Kylie Jenner launches tirade of racial slurs against another Pakistani woman who insulted her mother – and tells her to ‘go back to her s*** country’

  • Dubai-based British-Pakistani influencer Fyza Ali, 29, looks just like Kylie Jenner 
  • She was called out by fans for using racial slurs during a rant on social media
  • Was heard telling one unnamed person to ‘go back to where you’re f****** from

A British-Pakistani influencer, who looks identical to Kylie Jenner, has launched a scathing, racist attack on social media – which has gone viral.

People took to Twitter and TikTok to share their fury over a Snapchat video of Dubai-based Fyza Ali using racial slurs and being verbally abusive towards someone who allegedly spoke badly about her mother.

But the 29-year-old influencer has refused to apologise, stating on the Instagram account she shares with her sister Sonia that the backlash stems from ‘a lot of girls from the UK who are very jealous and angry’.

She also claims that people need to ‘know both sides’ before judging her reaction.

British-Pakistani influencer Fyza Ali, 29, has been called out by fans for using racial slurs in a recent social media rant. She’s since refused to apologise and said the backlash stems from ‘very jealous girls’ 

The influencer, pictured, who counts one million followers on the Instagram account she shares with her sister, told an unnamed woman who allegedly behaved badly towards her mother to ‘go back to where you’re f****** from’

In the video, Fyza can be heard saying: ‘Instead of being in England, go back to where you’re f****** from, where they f*** donkeys for a living, have no f****** money, a s*** a** f****** currency and no one gives a f*** about them.’

Fyza added: ‘I’ll come to you because you’re too p**** and headbutt you back to your mum’s masala f****** vagina and try getting cheeky with me then cos b****, you’re mad.

‘I’m pretty, I’m hot, I live in an Arab country and I could f****** probably take your dad – he can be my f****** slave.’ 

Despite being of Pakistani origin, Fyza included several racist slurs in her attack including the P word.

Fyza and her sister Sonia, 26, pictured, rose to fame on social media for being dead ringers for Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

The influencer said she was ‘tired of ugly women playing victim’ after her outburst on Snapchat 

Fans have called out the sisters for modifying their appearance to look like the Kardashian-Jenner siblings. Pictured before, left, and now, right 

The Instagrammer, pictured, has denied modifying her appearance to look more like Kylie Jenner

Fyza’s popularity has taken a hit following the controversy caused by her Snapchat outburst. Pictured: the model 

Dubai-based sisters, known as SoniaxFyza on Instagram, have created their platform on social media by being doppelgängers of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Despite denying trying to emulate the famous sisters in the past, Fyza, who is a trained makeup artist, often recreates Kim-inspired looks on her sister Sonia Ali, 26.

Instagram users have now accused the sisters of ‘self-hatred’ and of even changing their British accents to sound ‘more UAE’.

During the backlash, Fyza posted on their joint Instagram story an ‘unapologetic’ explanation about the situation.

She wrote: ‘Just because I am a social media influencer does not mean I don’t have the same rights as anyone else to defend myself.’

The influencer, right, distanced herself from the British-Pakistani community in an unapologetic Instagram post 

Some people have accused Fyza and her sister of playing down their British accent to sound ‘more UAE’ 

She continued: ‘I’m tired of ugly women playing the victim when they show one side.

‘I won’t apologise for defending myself in anger because I simply had enough, and stop trying to claim my sister and I, we have nothing to do with your community or your people no matter how much you want to force it or convince us or yourselves or even people we know because we simply don’t care.’

Fyza then posted humorous quotes, which read: ‘It’s people out there bonding over not liking you.’

Another said: ‘People be bothered by your page and not even suppose to be on it.’

With over one million followers on their combined Instagram account, the UK-born sisters specialise in makeup for Middle Eastern skin and are paid to endorse other products.

Fyza said she refused to apologise for ‘defending [herself] in anger’ and said she wouldn’t talk about the topic anymore

One Twitter user said: ‘ Imagine basing your entire existence off trying to be the UAE’s answer to the Kardashians- albeit on a budget. #soniaxfyza are creepy, plastic, deranged and in need of serious psychological support. IT’S NOT NORMAL.’

Many users called Missguided, who previously collaborated with the sisters, into question.

One tweeted: ‘I normally don’t ever speak about “influencers” but still disgusted in Soniaxfyza discriminating Pakistani and Kurdish people. Telling Pakistanis they should be grateful to have a UK passport and allowed freedom of travel. Is this the type of behaviour @Missguided support?’  

Pretty Little Thing and Missguided both said they do not tolerate racism, with PLT saying they have not worked with the sisters since February 

However, their popularity remains in tatters – with even fashion brand Missguided commenting on the video, which was posted to TikTok, writing: ‘This video has recently been brought to our attention and we do not tolerate any form or racism or discrimination.’ 

PrettyLittleThings said on TikTok they have not worked with the two sisters since February 2021 and ‘do not condone any acts of racism.’ 

Fans of the Ali sisters have also commented on how ‘creepy’ their ‘obsession’ with the Kardashian sisters is due to looking ‘completely different’ a few years ago – pointing fingers to surgery.

People called out the influencer for using the racial slurs in her rant and some called her a hypocrite 

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