Kim Kardashian Has Celebrity Crush, Talks Mile High Club, Makeup Sex and More

Kim Kardashian joins Hailey Bieber on her YouTube series "Who's In My Bathroom?" to talk why she's so protective of Khloe, makeup sex, joining the mile high club, celebrity crushes and more.

Kim Kardashian was almost a completely open book when she was the answer to Hailey Bieber’s YouTube show, “Who’s In My Bathroom?”

The SKIMS founder and “The Kardashians” star proved willing to talk candidly about her sex life, preferences and even some high-flying achievements — but she didn’t reveal everything!

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During a game of “Truth or Shot,” Hailey asked the reality star if she preferred “angry” or “makeup sex.” Kim didn’t hesitate to answer this one. “Makeup sex,” she said. “Isn’t that like the best ’cause it’s like you missed each other and you’re passionate and you know you’re making up.”

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When Kim asked Hailey what was her biggest turn on, she replied, “I think kissing! I like a make out.” Hailey also admitted to being a member of the “mile high club,” to which Kim shot back, “Samezies!”

Kim said she was a little surprised Hailey hadn’t asked her that, but Hailey was thinking what we’re all thinking. Isn’t it kind of obvious if you’ve got a private plane!

In a pretty funny moment, when Hailey told Kim she doesn’t “even need to ask you that,” Kim didn’t think about the fact she has her own plane as the reason. “I though you were just saying like, ‘Of course, you’re a whore.”

They also talked about DMs, though they were not on the same page this time around. Hailey shared that even prior to marrying Justin Bieber, no one was sliding into her DMs. “A lot of people slide into my DMs,” Kim countered. “I’m not going to lie, a lot of inappropriate people.”

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At another point during the same game, Hailey asked her if she had a celebrity crush. Immediately, it became clear that someone’s name popped up, because the mother of four said sheepishly, “I almost want to take a drink because I kinda want it to come true.”

Hailey pushed her, but ultimately Kim declared, “I’m more into privacy these days,” and took the shot. She also shared that her crush doesn’t know how she feels about them.

Certainly, Pete Davidson never seemed comfortable in the massive spotlight Kim operates under. It’s easy to see why she might not want to say a name publicly — because you just know that person would be hounded immediately, even before any possible first date!

“She has a crush she just doesn’t want to say,” Hailey said. “That’s cute for you.” Kim also opted to drink rather than reveal her “worst date ever,” which probably spared another person from an onslaught.

During a more serious portion of the interview, Kim talked about why she feels so protective of her younger sister. “Khloé gets a lot of s—,” she said, adding that she “gets it the worst.” Kim gets so frustrated seeing Khloé get taken down publicly for the tiniest things.

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“People don’t ever want to take a second to be like, ‘She’s human,'” Kim said, noting that sometimes she feels the need to “clap back” on her sister’s behalf. Over the years, Khloé has been criticized for everything from her height to her weight to her figure to her face and more.

While she has her sister’s back, Kim said that she has calmed in more recent years and is less likely to fire off — though sometimes it still takes the family chat to talk her down. Mainly, though, it’s knowing your priorities, which for Kim are family and business.

“You have to show up for people,” she said. “All this other stuff is noise.

“People wanna believe what they wanna believe and you can’t change that,” she continued. “It’s about finding your inner peace and you being OK with that.”

Kim is currently struggling to find her inner peace on “The Kardashians” as she and big sister Kourtney are in a heated feud over Kim making a Dolce & Gabbana deal around Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker.

The drama continues to unfold with new episodes of “The Kardashians” dropping on Hulu every Wednesday.

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