Man breaks Guinness World Record for 108cm-tall mohawk

Meet Joseph Grisamore – the Guinness World Record breaker for the tallest mohawk.

The 42-year-old from Minnesota has been growing his mane for seven years and now it measures more than 108cm (three-feet long).

The former mental health counsellor has now joined the latest edition of the famed book, Guinness World Records, for 2021.

Joseph is quite the grower as his hair grows super long super quickly. When he married his wife Laura, his tresses measured over five feet long.

It was during their honeymoon that the weather changed the texture of his hair, leaving Joseph wanting to style it as a mohican.

He tells ‘On our honeymoon in Aruba, the saltwater dreaded my hair to the point of no return, and was eventually cut off later that year.  

‘I then started this mohawk from a blank slate.  My hair grows very fast, and has grown nearly four feet in the last seven years.’

Joseph previously attempted the record in 2007 when he hadn’t cut his hair for ten years, but he wasn’t able to compete as the sides of his head weren’t shaved.

He adds: ‘I failed in that attempt because I lacked the commitment to fully shave the sides of my head. 

‘So, after the dreaded hair incident in 2013, I decided to just pull the trigger and go all in, which is the advice I’d give to anyone looking to break a record.’

Of course, growing a record-breaking ‘do is no easy feat, and Joseph has a strict haircare routine.

‘I have some hair specific routines like not using shampoo, but a lot of conditioner, and thorough brushing with a special brush that I’ve had for 20 years. 

‘I normally keep my hair in two braids and tie them in knots, so as not to sit on my hair or get it caught in anything as I’m walking by.  

‘On a typical day, washing and braiding takes 45 minutes. After putting up a mohawk, the tear-down, washing, and braiding is usually a two-hour event while using a lot of hot water and about a half a bottle of conditioner.’

Sorting out the mohawk is a four-person job as Joseph requires the help of his hairdresser Kay Jettmann as well as his mum Katy and wife Laura.

‘Kay is a pro at teasing the base of the hair enough to hold the weight of a full fan,’ says Joseph.

‘Then we use Got2b freeze spray which is the key ingredient, while assistants (my wife and my mother Katy) stand on ladders and hold the fan upright until dry. 

‘This process usually takes around one to two hours from start to finish.’

For now Joseph is enjoying the title but has his eyes set for more accolades.

He continues: ‘I’m honoured to be added to a list of one-of-a-kind record holders. My wife wants me to stay humble, but instead, I’m considering becoming the “mohawk king”, and attempting the tallest mohawk spike title again.

‘I’m having fun and feel honoured to achieve my goal as the Guinness World Records title holder. Life is short, my mohawk isn’t.’


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